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How much wrong choices we make in love relationships?

Three guys, one woman, three different opinions. As it says, opinions are like asses, everyone have one, isn't it? Also, shall we discuss about tastes? It is difficult to explain someone why you pick certain man, in the case they wondering for a reason. I like men with beard, you like men with long hair, i like muscles, you like thin body and so on. As with character, i like strong men on distance, and you like romantic guys who will kiss floor where you are walking. That is opinion, brand which you owe and sometimes it will fall on influence of others, but if you care for your opinion, you will save it in original shape.
Women often wonder why guys did not pick them, because it would be logical choice. Why not me, she is ugly, stupid, without sense for fashion, without charm, they will say. Also, guys will defend their decision and choices and if he did not pick you, be sure, he will not change his mind because you are spreading rumors about his girlfriend or try to insult her pub…

Do you respect other's privacy?

Imagine yourself behind the fence. On this fence is a sign " do not disturb". Would it dare you to cross the line? Or, you would respect that alert, waiting for someone to open the gate?
Human relations are games between walls and fences. Everything is good until the person is happy, talkative and in good mood, but life is not paradise and black days will also find a place. Easy going friendship is based on smiles and hugs, but what happens when person drag into depression and doesn't want to talk with you? What happens when your love is quiet and you can't find a reason?
In this situation, we are always in doubts. Our decision is based on lines "I can't leave him like that" or " he will think I don't care if I don't try. " Well, sometimes the worst decision is to pull a person on the sleeve, to talk and smile with you because that is breaking the wall and cross over the fence, where trespass is not allowed. 
Imagine that your friend brok…

Is your partner Trojan horse?

A bird in hand is better than two in the bush. Can you base your relationship on this proverb? If you can, your keyword is a safe zone. Now here is another extremity. What would you say that someone gives your partner as a gift? You think that is impossible. Well, this gift is Trojan horse, but you are not aware of this yet. 
When you fall in love, you are able to do anything for the person who captured your heart. Some actions will be insane because steps in love are made by a blind and deaf person. You don't care what others say because in front of you is just one aim - the person you love. In this searching, you will refuse to see humility, dishonor and mocking by third parts. This is the price you pay, and nothing is expensive for your soulmate. Or you think so.

How is possible that your partner is a gift with suspicious content?
You are the second choice. Or third or fourth.
Guy came in a nightclub and ask for a girlfriend. After 3  girls rejected his offer for a drink, you might…

How does it feel to live in the common flat?

Life in common is intro in marriage. Once when you decide to live with your partner, you will share bills, bed and meals. This includes also mutual ownership on remote control, and everyone who visits you will also visit your partner. On my personal opinion, couples should live together before they get married. It doesn't have to last too long, but this is test position for you both, how you will deal with this form of relation. 
While you are dating, you see only best sides of your partner. He is in nice clothes, you will not see his dirty socks, his breath will be fresh and you will go on cool places. After romantic night, you will go in your flat, he will stay in his flat. His mother will wash his laundry and make him lunch, you will not pay part of his bills and he will watch his football match at peace, That is difference between boyfriend and husband. Wife will collect empty bottles of beer , girlfriend will just call on phone for sexy talk. Wife will clean dirty floor , girl…

The one you wish to forget

Real love never causes pains. Discarded love, passion and drama are factors of pain. If you wish to live life as in soap opera, for sure there is amount of sadness and despair for you. You had sad experience, relation with someone who was never yours indeed? Relax, this is part of life.
When Cupid arrows hit you, you might be blind and deaf. You can fall in love in person who is not for you at all. This is unfair game of heart, it is big possibility to fall in love in someone who will not give love back. It doesn't mean that you will not get something for return. You will get someone for sex, fun and someone who will call you when everyone else will runaway from him.

I am sure many of you faced with situation when you wish to forget someone who is just obstacle to your happiness. You want him, but he causes you headache, you lost your smile and all you want is to cry and smash plates when he is around you?
Anger is follower of love. As long you are angry on someone , this is just ano…

5 reasons why women should not propose men

Not everyone is thrilled by the idea of marriage. Men especially want to prolong this time, until they can. One woman since death till us apart, that sounds terrified for many men. Especially when proposal did not come from him, man will think that he lives in a nightmare.
Long relations are a danger zone. After 5, 10 or even 15 years, a woman will ask where is she standing. Or, where this relation goes? In kind of despair, a woman will get an idea to propose his man, because he did not do this. I would say, don't do this, ladies.

Here are 5 reasons why you should not propose your man.
He will feel as half a man.
You do his tasks? You took things in your hands? Well, be sure he will not be fascinated if you buy a ring and ask him: "Yes or no?"
You will lose part of your dignity.
Every woman should know when to step back. This is in that case. Instead of force your man, back off.
He might say yes, but later this will be the main reason for your conflict.
"This was your idea,…

What is a freedom of speech ?

Freedom of speech allows you to call me idiot. Well, it also allows me to reply you back, with the same word, or even worse, because i am very creative when i insult people. Democracy brings us choice, bunch of words for expression of our opinions and we use it in limitless amounts. The problem is, it is easier to use free speech, than to tolerate this.
Croatian actress Nina Violić stuck these days in trap of this freedom. She said that she lives in "ass of the world", so she offended my country Croatia. She is also citizen of my beautiful country and she enjoys in some benefits, more than other citizens, because she is "free artist. " And my country has benefits for free artists, that they can't die from hunger, one day when they will not be so popular and when their movies, songs and other skills will not bring them money. Despite of all, Nina felt terrible in our country, so she mentioned fascism and fear from nationalism. Meanwhile, social networks exploded …

5 signs that your friend is a mole

Word friendship is overrated. If you are naive, easy going person, you will call everyone your friend. There is classification, in which cases someone grows enough to be your friend.
1 level: acquaintance - the person you met recently, and you like it at first sight
2 level: colleague - a person who works with you, but you don't know nothing at first sight about him
3 level: roommate - someone who lives with you under certain circumstances, if you are in the dorm or rented flat, someone you share office cause you work together
4 level: friend, because you both want it
5 level: best friend, someone you can trust more than others

People often mix friendship with the rivalry. Rival or competitor is the person who pretends friendship with you, but indeed she wants to compete with you and to do everything better than you. The trouble is, if you are better in some area, the person will show envy and jealousy. She will try to sabotage you, and having such person in your circle is similar as yo…