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Are you a Pir's victor?

If you have the mentality of a winner, you will wish the full taste of victory. In this case, you are aware that victory is not just an opposite of defeat, this is indeed confirmation of your strength. If your rival is weak, injured and dead, if he lies on the floor, it is not funny to hit him. Who wants to play with the dead dog? Who wants to make a final kick in open target?
I will use sports dictionary, so if you play tennis, Novak Đoković would be the most desirable opponent, and if you are a footballer, Barcelona and Real would be big snacks for you. Victory as David against Goliath is crown of victories, so try to prove that you can push the biggest from their thrones. When Pir, king of Epirus, won the battle in Rome, he said that he doesn't need this victory, because more victories like these will make them lost. He got many damages and this victory was similar to defeat.
We are competitors to each other, our life is made from victories and defeats. Who will get a better job,…

A temporary distance is (not) a key for a failed relationship

Quarrels are part of every relation. Until you are fighting and arguing, your relation is alive. Both sides want to compromise, want to progress, to run for a better situation. Even you are swearing, still, you care about your partner because you want to prove him something. Quarrels are a process of learning. On this point, I don't think about physical conflict with a fist, on abusing or yelling that everyone in the street could hear your scream. I think about a healthy, constructive relation where two parties debate and discuss important problems in their relation.
Suddenly, one of them suggests silence. Temporary distance, tampon zone where nobody can cross and time is the main factor. 

So, it could involve the next solutions:
I will sleep in another room.
Ok, you might leave the common bed and sleep in the separated room. You will not run away, just silence is something that you need.
I will live in my flat or with my parents, for a while.
Well, define this deadline. For a while can…

Where are gentlemen nowadays?

The main fear of every man is that others will label him as a cuckold. There is a no bigger shame that the man who is under his woman's skirt and jump on every order, as her dog. This is a trap which every man wants to avoid, so in some cases, he will choose another side, that is macho side.  When a man is shaped by wrong beliefs, he will beat, insult and abuse his woman, just to show others that he is the boss in his house.
In old times differences between men are women were more clear. The woman was fragile, gentle side, the man was a strong personality who feeds her and family, and in return, she is cleaning, washing, and cooking. Today, we created a new type of man, who is not a cuckold, but also he is not the violent boss. He is kind of modern gentleman, updated knight, an example of an ideal man.

Well, where is the catch, and how your man should know that you don't expect from him to be your dog? 

Women make next mistakes in attempts to make their man as a gentleman :
Look a…

Why a smart women pick a bad guys?

She is pretty, smart and successful. She is well educated and from good family. Yet, she constantly pick wrong men and on that way leaves impression as she is stupid woman. Her emotional intelligence falls down when she is dating a guy. 
Do you know such women? Maybe she is your friend, sister or someone you care about. She is in relation with men who doesn't deserve her, but he is not first man she failed. Simply, her choice is disaster.
People wonder why some smart women can't read bad guys and why they finish in bad relations. Why they are humiliated, abused , damaged by guys who are under their level. By default, they have all terms for great romance. Still, they pick guy who make them miserable.
The answer is : adrenaline. This feeling when your blood pressure raise and heart beats faster because he is near you. You will ask, why good guy can't give you adrenaline you wish?

If you are this type, there are 80% chances that you will date bad guy:
Problematic childhood.
Woman …

Do you think you will never love again?

Dwell in past relationships is not just sabotage of your future. Bad flashback could ruin your new feelings, and you might feel sterilized. This time I will not talk about how to get over your ex. I will talk about what happens after dramatic relation which eaten up your feelings. A side effect of destroying relation might be dangerous for your feelings, self-confidence, and self-respect.
First, I wish to mention red flags which helps to recognize your relationship as destroying.

You fight with your partner and he doesn't spare your feelings. 
In this kind of conflict, all is allowed. He will insult you until you faint.
He cheats you in front of your eyes and he doesn't care what you will say.
He is embarrassing you in front of your friends and family.
He doesn't know when is your birthday, he doesn't celebrate holidays with you and anniversary is not something that he wishes to remember.
He doesn't care if his friends are interested in you or if they flirt with you.


What happens when love is not mutual?

The basic point of every fairy tale is a magic stick. If you are a beautiful fairy who holds this, you can turn the frog into a prince, poor guy into a rich guy and bad guy into a good guy. That dream sounds like the realization of your hopes, and some women still make fantasies to change their boyfriends or husbands. "If he could change toward my wishes, I would have an easier job." In reality, it doesn't works, because you can't change guy without losing his personality. Maybe he listened to you and did some changes accord your wishes, but he is not the same guy you met. Now you have business with kind of zombie, the lobotomized man who is not the one you loved. 
Every man is made of kind of buttons. If you press his positive buttons, you will be in harmony with him. If you press negative buttons all the time, your relationship is more tragedy than a romance. In this way, we can explain why the same man is so good accord some women, and why other women can't sta…