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614. Women on first line

Harassment is sign of despair. When person try to get with force something what he cannot get on nice way, that is call for help. In many cases women will talk about sexual abusers, pushy maniacs who disturb them in real and virtual life. So called male pigs are everywhere, starting from early childhood when guys pull on hair little girls, asking for their attention, and until now days when man whistle to sexy woman on the street. 
For sure, every woman faced with unpleasant situation. You are walking and bunch of manual workers are yelling "Hey chick, come here sweetheart. Come to me baby , give me your number. " I see smirk on your face because every normal woman would not fall on pushy man. Now, imagine yourself in different situation. You saw handsome man in the street and start to stare at him. Next step, you wish to know his name, number of his phone, place where he is living. Sit on the bench in park where he is sitting, just to talk with him. He might roll with his ey…

613. Enemies in shell

Do you consider yourself as nice person, who never hurt someone? If you do, your first thought is maybe that you have no haters . Who would hate me, i am kind, nice and good person? That is life philosophy of some people, that good actions will return to them, as reward. Goodness is not something what travels in both directions, so unfortunately if you deal with snakes, they will bite you because they are snakes, no matter how you treat them.
On other hand, haters help us to survive and to test our abilities. Your friends will spoil you with compliments, support and good deeds, so you might forget that world is cruel. If you are surrounded with love, it might make your sight blind, because everything in your life looks beautiful. No, everyone is not angel as your mother, sister and husband. That would be perfect, if we could block and delete every idiot who makes our life harder and give their spot to someone who is great person.

Don't trust to people who say that they don't kno…

612. Gorilla men

When guy is handsome, he will get certain privileges. Women will notice him, he will have big choice and in the case of broken heart he will heal faster. Well, there is plenty of fish in the sea, so this guy doesn't want to waste time on pain, isn't it? Also, he will take less efforts to seduce woman. Many of them are under his feet even when he winks to them. So, why would he bother to call woman, to pay her drinks, to wait her until she gives him positive answer? He has already offers on his desk, so it made him lazy.
I don't wish to say that handsome men are bad guys. They have benefits by birth, so why to judge them? Well, if handsome guy has beautiful heart and strong, mature personality, you will get on lottery. He has whole package.
What i wish to wrote, is about handsome and rude guys. Are they rude because they are handsome, so they turn to extremities, or they would be rude even if they are ugly? I call them gorilla men.

I met many gorilla men during my life. When i…

611. Partybreaker

Another busy day , sleepless night and nervous morning. Week is full of obligations , our time is limited and in this race we will always lose. What to do to avoid feeling that we live in the same day again and again?
Today i talked with my colleague and she said that she works and eats and sleeps. Is that meaning of life, it sounds as draft story, where is no surprises and unexpected events, because we know exactly what will happen next day . She felt kind of rebellion and took her dog into walking, just to change daily schedule. 
I don't know about you, but my life is full of surprises. I work on rebellion and i don't want to stuck in the same day. I would be terrified for my memory, because all this people, things and events would not have order in my mind. So i chose parties as way to make my life more interesting. When i say party, i will not talk just about clubs and loud music, i look at this more wide. Everything what is out of matrix is source of my joy. Trip in nature.…

610. "I love you "- real meaning

In the moment when you feel something special for special person, your heart will poke you to say "i love you. " These words are on the top of emotional list, and there is a need to say this. You can't imagine day without him, he makes you happy, so why not to say "i love you"? Now, i ask you, when to say i love you, is it necessary to make deadline for these words, or you might just jump with this, because spontaneous factor is way of loving someone?

Imagine young couple in relation. This kids are not mature, so words "i love you" might terrify them. Young boy feels obligation after his girlfriend said to him this meaningful words, and girl feels fear, that he will abandon her, after she puts her last cards on the desk. After you say "i love you" you are busted. Now, your partner got your trust, love and devotion in his hands. So, this is double sword. If partner loves you, he will care not to hurt your feelings. That is commitment. He might…