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623. Gone with the wind

How hard is to make cuts? Life will offer exit from broken relations, failed friendships or bad jobs, so all what we need is to say goodbye. On first sight, nothing is more easier, just close the door and fly into new world. This option is so flexible that you don't need much words, you might do it in pure silence, just leave and never turn back. Burn this bridges and cut rope if someone try to come back from other side.
Some people will do it without much thinking. You are in bad relation and this stops your progress? Say that is over. Your boss is getting on your nerves? Leave as soon as it is possible. Annoying friend is all the time at your door, send so much messages, cry for help for any tiny issues? Time for farewell. 
Many YES are on the side of farewell option. Broken relations are hard to fix, we are tired from second chances, new opportunities for the same person who will again betray us, until others wonder are we idiots who always forgive and forget. Also, when you don&…

622. Bride from last train

Pressure of society is thunder on your bright mind. When community expect from you to stick with rules, only strong character will resist. The rest will follow ethic in fear not to be judged or crucified as intruders. As much men are afraid to go early into marriage life, women are under fear to finish as old maids. 
Croatian proverb says : "Don't miss the last train. " It could be related on women who are not married yet, to catch a man and get bonded until is not too late. Statistic said that average age when women get marry in Croatia is 27. So, since 18 women are in race, to catch man, buy wedding dress and raise a family. 
As teenager i spent many years as single girl, from period of 16 until 23 i was mostly single, with 2 short relations not worthy of memory . It was not hard for me cause i was busy with reading, focused on my college and i had lot of fun with my friends. It was period when i fall in love quick, chill out more quick and make cuts for everything what&…

621. Likability - 3 ways of human's acceptance

Recently i had quarrel with my office mate. She said that everyone at my workplace hate me. I almost cried from laugh, because i am not important boss and i don't bring crucial decisions that everyone would dislike me. Hate is strong feeling, and when someone hates you, this means that person is afraid of you, wants to be like you or simply, you have something what that person could not have. I said on diplomatic way, that i came there to earn money, not to love or hate people. For me, they are blank and i will be nice to everyone because this is my professional duty. Maybe i sound cold, but i am really not interested about their children's poop, their problems with coughing or husbands who snores all night. 
This brings me to next question, why some people try to force other's empathy or love? Why they are desperate for likability, and what is this, indeed?
Remember your childhood, when you first time felt that your peers dislike you. Did you fit in? Maybe naughty girl dest…

620. Shy boy - silent hunter

Hanging out with  people, especially women on date, could be problem for some men. Shy nature is kind of wall and it is not easy to break it. Superficial people will think that shy person is stupid, limited or antisocial, and such person could be victim of mockery. An opposite, person on distance created rich inner world, and not everyone is welcome there.
As little kid i was very shy. I was surrounded with extroverts who did not accept this well. They started to tease me, i was victim of bullying, but then i shown my paws and claws and everyone shut up. I was labelled with another mark : as aggressive and bad person. They did not get it why i changed. It was because they did trespass in my closed world, without my permission.
As much i prefer selective people as friends, the same is with relations. Aggressive guys were always my turn off. In my nightmare i saw man who approach me with glass of beer, try to hug me and whisper on ear how sexy i am. Next scene is my palm on his face. So, …

619. Authority laughs the last

Discipline is key of respect, or an opposite. Boss can't gain respect between his coworkers without their discipline. His authority rock on when his people laugh to him, pity him or consider him as friend. If you are football coach, things are more complicated, because your submissive people might be stars. National football coach will face it such challenge : how to make discipline between famous football stars?
Euro championship starts for less than one month. Croatian coach Ante Čačić faced with troubles in the moment when his defender Dejan Lovren rejected to play for national team. He explained this with one sentence : "I don't want to play for Croatian team until Ante Čačić is coach. " Dejan Lovren plays for Liverpool and he is one of famous footballers, familiar as hot tempered. He has quality and he plays on spot  of left defender, which is issue for team , because a long time ago Croatian coach can't find properly player. Dejan Lovren was main candidate f…

618. 5 reasons why friendships end

Do you have problems with finding new friends? You are not extrovert, not popular or simply your standards are high? Maybe you are bohemian and simply, you don't need much friends. Or, you will not enter in other's asses, just for the sake of friendship. Now we come to the next category, do you have problems with keeping friends? How many of your friendships broke with years, and do you still remember old friends with tears in your eyes?
When Hemingway said that "man is not an island" he did not count on new technology, as computers, cell phones , i-phones and similar modern toys. Nowadays any person might gather much virtual friends, with ability to delete and block anyone who cross limits of good taste. So, we could be lonely islands, but with electronic updates.
If you are one of those people who ask "what is wrong with me?" when friends leave you, don't be desperate. Friends are as flowers, some are just for one season. You will smash your head with q…

617. Prostitution of infidelity

Girl x cheated her boyfriend. He found out and brag about this in social media. He published her naked photos and video about their private moments. Girl is ashamed and crucified not just in her family and friend circle, now unknown strangers hit the rock. What a whore, slut and bitch, how dare she? Familiar story ?
Let's go back in some old times, when cheating wife was exposed in public square and everyone should spit on her. Today, we brag about democracy and freedom of choice, but still we crucify open minded people, just on other way. We do it on social networks. So, poor women and poor men, before internet appeared, few friends knew that you are cuckold or woman with horns, now everyone knows and judge your lifestyle.
Internet brags about Becky with a good hair. That is Beyonce's competition, so called mistress with whom Jay Z had affair. Does it really happen? Famous Beyonce sing about woman who steal her husband, but this story is good example of marketing. New album wil…

616. Granny with faded roses

Stereotypes develop from childhood. Differences between genders grow through traditional values , modify with time, but skeletons stay unchanged , no matter about fashion and progress. Let me remind you, if you gave birth to boy, what will you buy him as toy? Little car, ball or plastic gun? If you gave birth to girl, what will you buy to her? Doll, pink dress or flowers? As we made labels for seats, we also labelled women and men, to see why is something suitable, and why other things are not appropriate.
Ask random man what he would buy to woman. He will say : roses , if i like her. Red roses for love, white roses for appreciation, yellow roses for honor and friendship, and orange roses as sign of passion. Well, did you ask her, do you like flowers, anyway?
Some women will melt on first sight, when they get flowers. "Oh, how nice. He is real gentleman. " Others will say : "What i will do with this roses, when they fade? I have no nerves to change water every day, beside…

615. Decorate with someone else's feathers

Someone took credits for your favors. This situation might happen to everyone in professional and private area. People in lack of originality use other's ideas and represent it as theirs. You might see it at social networks, when someone stole your status and his friends claps their hands, without knowing that it is not original idea. Or, you bought excellent shoes and dress, next day you see your friend who copy your clothing style and brags that she is creator of this outfit.

Why people steal other's ideas?
It is easy to take something what is confirmed as good or excellent. You will avoid criticism and judging.
Someone is impressed but you and wish to be similar or equal to you.
Desire for attention.
All attempts to get attention failed, and now person will copy someone else, to get credits.

I had experience with stealing ideas in high school. Person represented my homework as hers, by stealing my notebook. It was desperate attempt, because teacher knew that …