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Do you wait a guy to changes his mind?

Thinking about your ex can ruin your day. There are some inspirational thoughts as "karma works out " or "everything is coming back" related to this subject. If you think that he will get what he deserves I am afraid that you are a bit idealist. Not everyone pays bills in love and some of your exes will live happily ever after, with a pretty wife and cute kids, until you still haven't found what you are looking for. So living in a state of bitterness might slow you down. 
What is one of the big mistakes which women do is to wait for their ex until he changes mind? That kind of women holds guys on loan. What does it mean? Shortly, I will illustrate this with a statement of girl I knew a long time ago when she struggled for her relationship.
Girl X said this:
"I don't care if he cheats me. He always comes back to me, I always stay. These girls, he hides them in his car, but with me, he is going by sea, in his apartment. They are just temporary, and then he …

Did you mix a business and a pleasure?

Did you ever ask yourself how could you fall in love in such person? He is grumpy, rude, arrogant and he doesn't care about fact that you are only woman. Even he represents everything you don't like, your heart skips a beat when you see him. 
Quarrels are invisible fetish. Nothing raise your blood pressure as conflict with man you like, but you disagree with him.Imagine this movie scenes. He said you are stupid, you reply to him that he cares only for his ego, he grabs you for your arm , you push him and he kiss you. This is start of battle which will finish in your bedroom. 
Women are different and not every woman will make horny on my description of hot scene. If you are hot tempered woman, rebellious, stubborn and firmly stand behind your beliefs, you will want to compete with men and they will wish to break you. Really, there is no bigger pleasure for man to break strong woman, the one who knows her preferences and who will dare to cross limits. 
Heather is one of them, stron…

5 ways how to love yourself

You heard the quote: "I love you, but I love myself more?" Even some will consider it as a message for narcissists, this is indeed the definition of mature love. How could you love someone if you don't love yourself enough? Or, to be more specific, how could you love someone who makes you underestimate and humiliate yourself?
I was a lonely and unhappy teenager. I wrongly thought that something is wrong with me because all my relations broke and my friendships were fragile and under question. So I was thinking that I had a spell on myself or at least bad fate because I was fighting against everyone. Then I reconsidered people around me and I was terrified with the conclusion: I chose by myself people who only want to use me or hurt me for own selfish interest. As a victim of bullying in childhood, I was very insecure and my choices were consequences of bad acts from past. I was thinking, I don't deserve better than relations with hooligans and friendship with narcissi…

How football connects couples?

It is hard to be a woman these days. If you support men, feminists could label you as a supporter of slavery. If you support equality between genders in every area of life, men will draw you mustaches. An additional problem is in your attitude toward football, somehow there are a lot of traps you should avoid if you don't wish to be judged.
Saponia, Croatian industry of chemicals made promotional spot inspired by EURO 2016, about a woman who washes man's shirt until he is having fun as a football supporter, with his friends. The message was "behind every supporter is his woman. " So, on first sight, funny way to say men that they are powerless without women because they could not wash their shirt alone. This raises big dust between feminists, who felt discriminated and humiliated because promotional spot made a woman as servant, accord their opinion. In the end, Saponia marketing experts apologize and made withdraw, so publicity has no pleasure anymore to see this fun…

The romance on a halfway

When you step into relation, there are expectations. I suppose that you know, not every relation will finish on a good way. Also, as every date can't lead into relation, every bond can't lead in marriage. Sometimes, we need something to grow, to recover or to feel cozy. Even this sounds unfair, the human heart is not a universal gift in every opportunity. 
When a man is not sure in his feelings, women are able to call him a male pig. When a woman is not sure, that is "her choice. " Sometimes, we are too hard toward men who simply decided not to call, not to commit or just say NO. Look at yourself, were you always available to everyone who wanted to be with you?
When Deborah went to college, she wanted to find a boyfriend, because all her friends were in relation. She chose a man who was in halfway to win her heart. She felt important, finally people talked about her as a girl in relation, she had stories about two of them. After a month, her heart chilled out. She did …

Are you hopelessly romantic?

Word "romance" is filled with moonlight shadow, stars, flowers and slow music as "Lady in red" from Chris de Burgh. If you like that someone seduces you on the old-fashioned way, this steps will be lottery won for you. Naive girls will believe that such guy can't do any harm to them because he is hopelessly romantic.
In the age of feminism, this kind of guys will be ridiculous, because more and more women will not believe in old tricks. Really, would you fall into this kind of trap?

Here is little draft how some men try to get the attention of pretty women and forget to update their strategies.

Old corny seduction looks like these :
Start with big intro. "Hey girl, did not we meet before? You look familiar to me. Your eyes are big as the ocean. Your smile would break the ice. You look like Halle Berry. "
Concrete action.  "Can I buy you drink? Do you need someone to drive you home? "
Invitation for closer contact.
" Can I get a kiss? I promise I…

Would you trade your privacy for a success?

As teenagers, we dream about success. What we wanted to be? Famous singers, writers, politicians, doctors, and when someone of us managed to accomplish the aim, we are in a panic and this filled dream looks like a report from prison. "I will get late. " "I will be fired. " "I will not succeed to finish this at the time, this deadline is too short. " Life is not standing, life is passing by around people who have no time for living.

How could you define your success? 
People are jealous of you? You are gathering with rich and other popular people? You have a lot of money? You wear expensive clothes and drive a fast car? Your children are attending private schools?

This is a shallow view of success. Try to scratch under surface and think deeper. 
When is last time you met with your parents? Did you talk with your sister or brother recently? When you last time had fun? Did you visit the hospital, because you felt dizziness or high blood pressure? Do you eat unhealthy fo…