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Are you the appropriate wife?

"Omg. What kind of dress is that, where are you going in this? You are married. " This was first reaction when Mabel's grandma saw her granddaughter in new dress. 
Mabel got married before a year ago. Her husband is younger than she and they are dynamic couple, they are travelling a lot . They don't fit in pattern about usual married couples. She even lost at her weight , about 7 kilograms, since they got married. They have no kids but they are happy. Mabel's grandma could not swallow that her granddaughter is not typical wife. As religious woman, she found out that this marriage is not accord God's rules. They did not marry in church,  in front of priest. They invited on their marriage only close family members. Soon is their anniversary and they will celebrate on open party with electronic music. 
Society made software for every situation. Ethic's standards are irreducible. If you don't fit, you will get kick in your ass. Other couples, which are exam…

How much love is enough for you?

Conscience - the biggest invisible executor which person could have. It prevents us to do something wrong and punish us if we do it. If you have the even little amount of emotions, you will cry after you did something wrong to someone who did not deserve it. Or, you will not sleep well at night. If you are a cheater, and you never admit it to your partner, you will walk around with bags under your eyes and burden on your back. Media wrote about a romantic story about a guy who was traveling 30 hours by plane to visit her girl on vacation. She called him that he misses her, so he decided to surprise her. Even it sounds very romantic, remember that thing should have the good financial background. You need money to pay the flight, free days if you are working and something to eat until you get to your destination. Another thing, is girl really called him because he missed her? Maybe she had the opportunity to cheat and did not do it. Maybe that was a call for help. Or maybe she did it and…

Couples before the internet

I was born in a time without cell phones and social networks. My generation met potential partners in nightclubs, friend’s circles and social events. We talked with men faces to faces before dating. We know we will maybe kiss a frog, but never a ghost. Recently I came back from fantastic vacation. I checked my inbox and I saw messages from some unknown men at my Skype, Instagram, and Facebook. I never talked with those people and they are not on my friend list. I was wondering, how you dare to write me when we don’t know each other at all? The biggest surprise is their profiles, they are young (or they introduced themselves as young) and they should be at the beach and catch sexy young ladies. Instead of this, they chose to annoy married women. I have constructive ideas for them. Why don’t they wash dishes instead of their mothers, find some job or go swimming, just to taste real life? This is the most easier, try to get a woman without paying her drinks, without listening to her voice …

Would you crucify your husband's mistress?

These days are popular new viral hit: two fat married women beat mistress in a bikini because she has stolen their husbands. Nobody involved in that street fight, the poor mistress was half naked and two Godzilla women made revenge. 
Really, what would you think at first, if you were cheated? To kill the bitch, slap her, make her ashamed? That is a first instinct which that two women made real. Well, if they expected that people will clap hands, they are wrong. The only minority will approve this savage act, and most will ask: what is with husbands, will they get a kick in their asses? After all, husband started this. In such situations, woman's logic fails, they will not blame husbands because "he is seduced", "he was drunk", "we had conflict and I did not want to sleep with him", "he wanted to make me jealous. " This bunch of excuses will pass over their mind, without question what is wrong with them and their marriage.
I will not say that i…

Do you have a positive attitude or you are just he lucky one'

A long time ago  my friend  Y asked me : "How do you manage this? How you raise after fall? I want to die. I would kill myself if i could. My life sucks and it will be only worse. " If you had role of happiness, would you knock at her door? Frankly, i would not, because i think she would said to me to get lost. That is the point of pessimistic people, they don't know to recognize new chance, and even more, they will escape from realization of possible opportunities. 
It sounds painful, but some people enjoy in their miseries. On this way they justify their acts or just a fact that they do nothing at all. You know old story about granny and cookies? Shortly, person sit in the dark, wipe tears and wait for saint savior to help her. Miracle is the only option for such victim. Well, surprise, that granny with cookies, saint savior, come to those who are already happy, because her cookies are bonus desert, not main meal. 
Friend Y came with me in night club to find guy. She sai…