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644. Battle with windmill

I wish this so badly. Did you ever think like that? I did. Million times i convinced myself, when i burn from desire for something, or even someone, it won’t happen. Why? Because i block circle for realization. I am hot temper and i wish many things quick, fast, right now. In this rush i forget that i do mistakes which cost me. Then i tried another way. I slept over my wish, i forgot this. I focused on other things. So, while i am washing dishes, reading, or listening music, i don’t think on my aim. I don’t think at all, because i wish to live in present moment. I mean, how many times you experienced this? When you walk on the street and you slip on straight road and fall, because you were thinking on future, or your eyes saw vision of your plan. Are we blind, or sleepwalkers, while we are living our present life? My mother asked me once: “Did you ever listen to me, or you are sleeping with open eyes? Are you here?” I could be angry on injustice cause someone else got something what …

643. When patience is lost

Someone who waited for a long time said that patience is a virtue. I would not agree with this, cause some things need rush otherwise it will never happen. Imagine sick woman who needs emergency, and people advice her : “Be patient. ” Imagine person who wait for a job few years, and the only advice he got is “Wait and it will be worthy. “ Sometimes, patience is deception. This is an excuse, delusional answer on question :”Will you get it? Will you make success?” What i think, once in life we must press red button. This means, hurry up, push it forward, even it looks like you are in panic. You would be surprised how people react when you said that you lost patience. Amber, familiar as patient woman was waiting for a promotion at work few years. She was in line, her colleagues were promoted, but somehow she was in background. This award skipped her, and she was watching this, with silence . She swallowed bitter pills, until the day when her boss promised her , you are next. Amber said wit…

642. Set me free from wedges

Wedge is removed by wedge. Old recipe by your grandmother should help to get over someone who did not deserve your pain. There is no woman who did not experienced story with wrong partner. If all in your life goes smooth, you are or very young or you lived in golden cage. One of the most often questions in woman’s circle is : “How to get over him? How to cut memories on him, who broke my heart, but yet i miss him in my bed and in my life? ” Plain answer would be : “Find another one. “ If you step into fresh new relation after quick breakup, there is sign of danger. Think about, still you are patient on rehab, and already you wish to run this race? That is how some promiscuous women started, changing partner day by day, jumping from bed to bed, just to get over someone. I suggest you to stop and take a big breath. You won’t believe it, but this wedge in your heart is not a person. This is your thought about person. He already gone, but your vision is alive. This is vision about perfect l…

641. You can't love for both

Love is blind, as old proverb said. As much this sounds banal, it has sense. How many time you regret because this fatal hunk did not noticed you? How many times you were envious to lucky girl who got him? Rivarly is old as human species ,but it always has conflict with right on choice. Really, you might be Victoria secret model, winner of Nobel price or Paris Hilton, but if you are not in his heart, you just lose your time and act like masochist who is chasing impossible target. If you talk with your friends in coffee table about this topic, you will just find out simple truth : it takes two for love relation, and you can't love for both if he has lack of feelings for you.
It is hard to understand this from your side, because heart speaks own truth, and maybe you got some signs that he indeed want you, but be careful, are those signs real or fake? Woman in love can't see, for which area is she indeed chosen, for sex or relation? Men might fool women with lies as „you are perfe…

640. Teachers - love lesson number one

Love does not have rules but sometimes it reminds of a chess game. Just a few bad moves and you lost. And then, being desperate, you wonder where you made a mistake. This is not a story of a secret formula which you can use to win and keep your partner. This is a story of logic. Often, logic in love flees under the bout of passion. Then we are blind and deaf, and it is well known than no one is as blind as the one who does not wish to see, and that no one is as deaf as the one who does not wish to hear.
We all know that us women like to compete and compare ourselves, therefore the main topic of coffee gossips are going to be our partners’ exes. Of course, none of us feels easy while the ex one is mentioned, particularly if she is more beautiful, more successful and more popular. Then she become thorn in the side that needs to be taken out with the least pain possible. However, if you saw things from the other side of the mirror, that you would realize that it is logical that the ex wif…

639. Sugar daddy and Minnie Mouse

Do you remember fairy tale about Sleeping beauty, lovely princess who was sleeping , waiting for a prince and his kiss to wake her up? She was there as beauty sleep supporter, meanwhile high forces where working for her sake. The other heroine, Cinderella, lost her shoe because she was rushing after midnight dance from the castle, in fear that her evil stepmother will punish her. She gone barefoot in panic and charming prince had reason to search, where is this fatal woman. 
As little girls , me and my peers were dreaming about prince who will realize our dreams. In our visions, this prince was young, handsome and kind. He was protector, brave and faithful, We did not think about old man with belly and wrinkles, surrounded by sweet young girls who are ready to fight for their opportunity. 
So, nowadays new fairy tale took place in woman's dream. This is fairy tale about sugar daddy. Who is sugar daddy, let me illuminate you. In the case you don't know. This is man over 50, rich …

638. I don't have victim mentality

I was scrolling around to some internet portals from curiosity. I have seen many articles about human psychology, especially about relations . Me and husband talked about this, he said that he would like to read something what is not in pathetic form. He said he doesn’t give attention to articles with titles”he broke my heart “, “you lost this girl and you will never find someone like that again ” and so on. What is purpose of such thinking? This kind of women have victim mentality. This is kind of story : “i have done everything for you and you said to me thanks on this way. ” Also, where is your part of guilt in statement “you broke my heart ?” Does it mean that he pull gun on you to break your heart, that he makes you drunk to have relation with him or..? Yes, i agree, some men are idiots but crying for someone who gone doesn’t makes you happy. I never had victim mentality even i had many reasons for that. I was with men who cheat, lie and beat but this makes part of my experience…

637. I was easy target but then situation suddenly changed

Nothing will shock woman more than statement "you are too easy. " When your good friend says you this, you will hate her and yourself. Now i see your grumpy face and scream : "How you dare to say this, i am not a whore!" Take it easy lady, i did not mean this . Women fall into many categories, and you will wonder why some women can pick between many guys, and why others just wait for pieces of cake. Why some women are fatal vamps,  why they can roll guys over little finger and on the other hand, you suffer for the same guys for a long time?  It is not true that the most beautiful woman will always marry for handsome and rich guys. First condition, to be fatal chick is to be unavailable. No you are not Golden girl with long hair who is locked in the castle and waiting for a prince to make a stairs from her hair and set her free. Just, if you are so easy to get you are not interesting. This is answer to your question, why this ugly lady on the street got married for s…

636. Charisma - do you think you owe it?

When someone says "you simply radiate", it is supposed that statement is positive. Charisma is way to attract people in business, friendship and love. If you are popular, doors will open easier for you. There are 4 types of temper : choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic and sanguine. Accord to situations, people will react on way which will reveal their real nature.
Imagine that you fall in love . Your reaction will reveal what type of person are you. Choleric will make big scream. He is the one who break glass and stand on the table in some bar. Melancholic will write songs. Phlegmatic will just blink with dreamy eyes. Sanguine will call friends and talk with smile about what happened . 
Sometimes, women thinks that their partners don't express love enough or not on right way. Perhaps you are melancholic and your husband is phlegmatic? You don't speak by the same language of love and you must learn this.
Monica and Ross are one year in relation. Ross is guy on distance and…