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651. Fragile male-female friendship

Male-female friendships were always topic for discussion. Cool quote “we are just friends” is good excuse for celebrities when they got caught in walking with person from opposite gender, or while they are drinking coffee and they look very close. When jealous wife nag to her husband that he is too kind with female office roommates, he will reply “we are just friends. “ If someone catch you in conversation with ex boyfriend, and you blush but you don’t want to tell about nature of your relation, you will say : “we are just friends. “ Well, what is this friendship indeed and where are boundaries? Indeed is hard to be friend with person of opposite gender who is attractive and with whom we feel pleasant, spend much time together and imagine all kind of reasons just to stay in contact. If that person is in marriage or in relation, often hanging out will cause jealousy from her partner. Martin and Vera were inseparable childhood buddies, they came home in dirty clothes when they were playing i…

650. Seductress - queen of marketing

Love choices are lottery. If you don't get jackpot or at least small award for comfort, you will stay with empty pockets. Well, as it is familiar jackpot is only for the luckiest people or for those who are already a long time in this game. Just, is choice of your soulmate matter of luck or at least there are some other elements?
„If he is right one, he will like you even if you wear bag, you don't need makeup and expensive clothes“ – that is how your granny said , and the same has written in romantic cheap novels, about couples who lived happily ever after. Granny Mary met grandpa Steven while she was working in vineyard, and she has no expensive purse and she has never heard about cosmetic saloon neither manicure or pedicure. Steven liked her in simple dress, homemade blouse and without makeup. Well, Steven was not Internet user, otherwise, who knows what would happen.

As times has changed, perception of beauty changed too, so nowadays beauty is created, not gifted by nature.…

649. How to burn bridges and get over a jerk?

There is a quote: „Time heal all wounds.“ Well, this statement is only partly correct. The truth is life is going on and life circle is full of changes, but what miss in this proverb is bad experience from past. In other hand, we must sow new plant on problematic ground, we must work in garden which need new seed and it rejects foreign flowers. It means we will enter in new relationship full of doubts, paranoid and in fear, under suspicion that we will repeat the same pattern from past . Many times we came in situation to compare our present love with past, even unconsciously in head we made scenario that our new story will finish on exactly same way as past romance. Previous experience is wound and it might be obstacle to beautiful life in present. Of course, we don't talk about rape or abuse, these are extreme cases which need expert help that normal person might continues with life. We talk about normal relation and ordinary problems in love. It is all about experiences which ever…

648. Making love and having sex make differences

Two people are walking and hold their hands, talking and sharing their thoughts and attitudes. You will think how wonderful is it. This is similar as you are watching dress during shopping and admire to shape and size, but you did not manage to see quality of this material. The same is with love couples, everyone has own story and it would be naive to believe in others's version.
Platonic love happens while two people are talking and don't touch each other, from fear what will other side think about his intentions. If you love someone, you are afraid to act and ruin everything. Or maybe not? After two partners made love, game of power starts. Sex is poison in small bottles otherwise you might overdose. In this trade of power partner who controls libido wins.
During sex we are witnesses that hormone of happiness, serotonin is secreted and partners got connection with each other. More sexual relations, more are chances of losing control and partner becomes tool of manipulation in …

647. Where flirt is finished, and love starts

"I love you". Two words we all like to hear. It might be spoken in passion, as an apology, as sense of duty, but again we will feel emotional reaction, and the worst happens when we realize that we are manipulated in the name of non romantic purpose. This moment you think that you are taken, but indeed you are part of program which aim is only sex. Flirt is the most easier thing in the world. We pick up someone, we don’t know much about him and surrender is here, without questions who is he and what he wants. Well, real love, serious relation, that is something more real, not just love story from cheap romantic novel or basic material for notebook. When i talk about love i think about word one and only. It takes two for love, but not more than two persons. This love gave birth to animal instinct, how to mark our area. No, this is not cage for partner and locked doors. There are more spontaneous ways to show rivals not to poke nose in our sacred privacy. When Sabina realized…

646. Seduce me with honor

The biggest challenge is something what you can't have at first, but there is a chance to get it. In this case you enjoy in the game, you are breaking chains and obstacles in a way to your victory. Or, maybe it won't happen, maybe result will be unexpected?
Remember actress from Hitchcock movies. Grace Kelly, Kim Novak, Tippy Heddren, they all had something in common : blonde hair, white skin and poker face. They were unavailable for men, but just for some time, until they decide what they wish for.
Ice princess is not forgotten. In the age when everything about sex is available, woman who take care for herself is very intricate.  That cold blooded seductress is not a bitch, she is the one who makes rules. 
Recently i saw girl in night club, while she was dancing at party, totally alone. She was gorgeous, and one by one, guys approached her. She would talk, take a drink from them, dancing and smile, but when anyone of them wanted to kiss her, she would set up her boundaries and w…

645. Keep it private

Internet could be great place. Meeting new people from different areas in the world, sharing opinions and making jokes, that is something what might make your day. If you don’t get it too serious, this could be your parallel world to spread ideas and enjoy in new acquaintances. I was thinking about girl who deleted me because she has thought that i am fake. I had smirk on my face when i heard this, because i put everywhere my real photos , and if it looks fake that is indeed compliment, maybe are too good .🙂 When we accuse someone about dishonesty, what we indeed think? Where are boundaries between hiding things or just protecting our privacy? Some people forget limits of decency, they start to dig in everyone’s life, no matter is this neighbor or total stranger. What to do when virtual person judge you because you don’t reveal all about yourself? It is not our duty to put our life into virtual plate. When i saw photos from funeral on one page, i was shocked. When i saw girl’s page,…