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655. Unfriended, deleted and blocked

Once when you are connected with someone as friend you share everything. Tears, laugh, joy, sadness. You are confident, many secrets stay hidden and relation develops as kind of blood connection. Having a friend is a treasure, loss of friend is damage. Technology surprised us with new phenomenon called virtual friends. As much internet separates people because we stare in our gadgets more than we should do, also internet connect people from different part of the world, in the way how we never imagine. Indeed, i would never met people from Turkey, Thailand , India and other countries without internet. That places i never visited in real life and maybe i will never see, but thanks to that people i feel their culture and i share their mood with them every day. We trade photos, opinions, conversations and enjoy in our differences and experiences. When you break contact with friend in reality, you will turn your head on the street. You will not say hello. Maybe you hear gossip later. Mayb…

654. Virtual narcissist - true story

Every new person in our virtual life is field of risk. Are you opened to new acquaintances, and you are the one who easy open doors to person in virtual world? It could be great act of empathy, but this kind of decisions are not always clever. If person is from another country and depends to another system of values, risk is even bigger. You never know with whom you are dealing with. Love is one of areas where we are the weakest. One sweet smile, hot look, sweet words and this kind of stranger is already in our house. How you protect yourself from sudden troubles? Melinda was big fan of social networks and she spent hours and hours by typing with strangers behind computers. One of them was Greek man Nikos. She felt in love in his voice, actions and charm. Also he introduced himself as musician and gave her password for his official site. They soon got involved even Melinda had boyfriend. Melinda got bored in safe relation and she wanted some excitements. Nikos was good partner for that,…

653. How to recognize your hero?

Why women like heroes and why man fall on women in troubles? That is instincts from ancient times, when man was hunting beasts to protect and feed his family. Fragile woman waited him in cave with his children who were proud on their dad. Time has changed, but this phenomenon stayed as factor of attraction between genders. Let me ask you something, women. Would you love guy who always save your back? Would you fall for friend who is here for you even you hurt him ? Would you start to get close with man who accepts your failures even others stay away from you? Now the same question for men. When you see lady who constantly get into troubles and fight with windmills, is this attractive to you, at least that you want to get her into your bed? Woman who stuck into troubles is indeed dangerous. She asks for troubles because she know that here will be always kind of guardian angel who will save her. She also enjoys in this adventure because she is adrenaline addict. Did you look on this wa…

652. Sex appeal - real point

How much times you were attracted by person who is not classic beauty type, but she is example of dazzling personality? You can't stop think about her because she is simply vibrating? In this case, you are in trap of sex appeal and fatal attraction.
My friends described this as : „He is not handsome man, but he has something inside of him. „ „I dated handsome guys, but i lose breath when he is near..“ „I did not like him on first sight, but when we started to talk i could not take my eyes from him. „
Sparks are weird thing, some kind of magic which occupy us totally, so we will see only beauty things, and forget failures when we look person who captured our attention.
We don't seek for aesthetic values, more we observe our reactions. So, he is not your type, but you are blushing in his presence, you are clumsy in your speech, your heart beats too fast even you laughed to him before few days and you said to your friend that you dislike him?
Alan was average man, slim, with haircut …