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662. Hundred shades of woman

Pink color is for girls, blue is for guys – that is first difference between genders which we noticed in childhood. This statement talks about women more than it seems like. It considers woman as fragile, gentle creature who will cry if you touch her and it gives man obligation to cherish her with attention. If you are man with such draft, for sure your will consider woman as someone who likes flowers, romantic song and movies, someone who confirm your every word and clap hands when you express your attitude. You will expect that woman should be always kind, nice and with smile on her face. Also, you will not tolerate conflicts because it is not woman’s business to involve in man’s things. As in middle age, woman who was arguing should be exposed on square as bad example. Some men have no idea about woman’s shades. Women are not black and white, bad and good. Woman is more than pretty hair, cute smile and gentle words. Woman is strong inside more than you think. Trouble happens when mach…

661. Real men do (not) make it public

I always think about making love as private thing, because this distinguish people from animals. Simply thought that someone can watch me or hear me gives me unpleasant feeling. Once i was with my husband in car and we saw face on the window, i was thinking that i will freeze from fear. Guy started to runaway before we called police. That was kind of adrenaline but in wrong sense, because i got instinct to smash guy’s head with hammer. Before a year ago me and husband move on new flat. New neighbors, new habits and new adjustment. This is rather quiet building and i rarely meet anyone except in elevator. After some time, we heard couple who live upstairs. It was female voice, moaning during they made love. It was repeating several times at months and last time i heard it yesterday. I did not sleep well cause i got up early for work and sound of her voice is still in my ears. It sounded as wounded pig. If you ask me am i jealous? No, i don’t have reason. I was horny? Not a chance, it ch…

660. Women on way station

Some women are always satisfied with remains of man's attention. Their legendary statements are: „let he comes home“, „now is all  right between us“ or „other girls are for sex and i will stay with him“ . That is confirmation that woman is pleased with part of love and attention, as someone who waits on the line. It is easier to fool yourself, lie to yourself or having a relationship which exists only in your mind.
We women are emotional species and it is hard for us to fake love with someone who is not our soul match. If you are not gold digger who cares only for money, you will not be with someone you don't care about.  You can date with him night or two, but later is phase of pretending, acting and feeling of sickness, nuisance and conscience's guilt because you use someone who doesn't owe your heart.
Relations with men who are not in your heart or if they are just dear to you are indeed waste of time. You will sit with someone at coffee table and your eyes will be a…

659. When love is not enough

Do you know legendary sentence “I love you , but love is not enough?” This is the point of every unhappy love story, starting from Romeo and Julliet until nowadays. As much we wish to believe that heart can hold gentle construction of love story , we must keep our mind on the ground. What happened with your past love stories? Can you say that you did not love enough your ex boyfriends or that they did not love you enough to stay together? No, that is not the reason why you are today with someone else. If we could measure our love beats, we would stay with each of our lovers until nowadays. The background is something different. You might not stay with love of your life, but you will stay with man who is the most resistant and persistent partner. You will stay with the one who supports you in your craziness, handle patiently your failures and criticize you even he knows you will throw bricks at him. Maybe your ex boyfriend was too weak or too nervous to deal with you and he found easier …

658. He doesn't care are you easy or hard target if he is into you

One of the most salty questions between women is about their sexual status. If you ask women do they masturbate mostly will say no and hide it from publicity. If you ask them about their fetish they will cover mouth with hand and say no. If you ask them are they promiscuous they will also say no. Here i am talking about representative , average woman as example . I was talking with many women on internet, from different countries, and despite of feminism, mostly women will not talk about their privacy unless they trust you as best friend. If you ask women are they easy or hard target, of course every woman will say that she is not easy to get. What is the point is not their level of surrender, because in some stage of life every woman will obey to one man or to make something stupid which is not for bragging about. Being easy or hard don’t make differences, the point is how much you can hold to yourself. If you think that being unavailable makes you hard target, or that being wild makes…

657. Don't be hostage in love

When you are in love, heart is going forward your brain. As subject caught in Cupid's network you can't think clear. As objective observer, you will see in other relations all what you did not see in own relation. So until you were walking dead or blind sheep in your failed relation, now you see clear situation when your friend ask you for advice. That is how things work out, the best advices are in other's area. We are clever generals after battles and bad soldiers in our own wars. What i noticed in my researching is one fact: the more man is popular, more women will follow him and fight for his attention. The worst heart breakers, playboys and players are surrounded with the biggest number of women. They are their hostages.
What women forget in this situation are these facts: For playboys, every woman is the same. Ugly, old, stupid, beautiful, young, she is number. If you fight for man he will laugh to you. He is the one who choose. More you run for this kind of man, your lev…

656. Queen of hearts and two kings

When i read about love records, my eyes always stuck between couples who stayed over 50 years in marriage, without cheating and temporary separating. I read about couples who died together in the same bed and i am attached with smiles on their wrinkled faces. Somehow i always think this kind of love belong to past times and i remember my granny and grandpa who spent 52 years in happy marriage until she has passed away. When grandpa stayed after her, he used to say that he is cooking lunch with her voice as guideline and that is how he can handle days alone. Once my grandpa said to me: "Real love, my dear was between me and your granny. Real love never gets old, remember that. "
What is see nowadays are only divorces, cheating and sitting on two chairs, from both sides. Did modern life spoiled us or we just got over real love, because we became addicted to something more passionate, more dangerous , kind of adrenaline for hearts?
Then i started to ask, how is possible to love t…