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667. Fishy story : when your friends get involve with your lover

Would you date with your best friend’s ex lover? Would you date with guy who is  her secret crush ? And the last question, would you date with her present partner, until she finds out? Many women will be in shock and say no, how could i hurt my friend like this? On other hand, another group of woman will say “live once, and use every chance, btw it is not just my fault, for game takes two”. Nothing cause more troubles in woman’s friendship zone than appearance of attractive man. Man who captures your eyes , who is charming and unfortunately, a womanizer. This kind a man knows very well his influence on woman’s heart and he will not care are you related with woman who is his target. Classic story begins when two friends are going out in club and they have eyes on the same man. This man could play double game, because two is better than one, just to cuddle his ego. I remember when i was teenager, the same guy kissed my three friends, every Saturday was one girl, and i was last on the line.…

666. Are we slaves of our computers?

During my 10 years at social networks, i noticed usual pattern . People are mostly lazy to read long posts because of various reasons. They are busy with real life. They are lost in bunch of many info on internet. They prefer to read post of those who read their posts. They prefer to comment post from people who try to please them.  When i was in high school, reading books was stylish thing. People used to talk about Sartre, Proust and Dostojevski, instead of someone’s profiles as nowadays. Today, Dostojevski is guy you can google about. If someone read whole book , that is corny. When i put long status and expect deep thoughts, i got replies – have a nice day and hello. It is not general statement and of course examples are always here. Well, what to say about girl with big boobs who will post thought about her too tight bra, and got 1000 likes? Then, someone will post about cancer and get silence. Someone will post about sense of life to get few comments from those who still wish to read. …

665. Mesmerized lovers

Have you ever feel as you fall in trap from where you don’t want to get out? Do you wish to forget all what you learn about love and surrender to this person to lead you? This hypnotic condition happens when you last expect. You don’t mind if person is dangerous for you, if he might hurt you or if future is unpredictable. Now is not important who is this couple, important is the feeling. 
They live on big distance. He can’t miss the day without checking his phone, is there message from her. She must see him and she call him because her day gets better after she sees him. He likes her sense for humor. She always find ways to make him smile, even he spent all day working overtime, all what he wants to see at the end of the day is her smile. She likes his honesty. He said truth about him even truth was not nice. He did lot of mistakes in his past and he admit this to her. She did not fall apart when he insulted her. She handle this with pride and closed him door temporary. He was desperate when h…

664. Be a winner and give up

Give up. This words sound as defeat, isn’t it? It sound as you go step behind , back to the beginning. You quit and wipe your tears, because your strength betrayed you. Is this right, that you are losing battle? Giving up is not loser position. If you look at deeper, giving up is freedom in some cases. If you constantly go for things which are not for you, giving up is blessing. You will stop knocking on door where nobody opens and set free your space for things which will come to you.
Let’s give up from this things: Relation which doesn’t leads anywhere. Job which is not your dream. Friend who ignores you. Boyfriend who sit on two chairs. If you are struggling with difficult situation, giving up is not the end. It will help you to see things more objective and different. You will be silent observer. Do you know when you will win the most from love ? When you turn back to partner who is not devoted to you. Don’t feed his ego, be quiet from him and turn him back. If he was unstable, he will st…

663. Lady in midlife crises

Talking about midlife crises is somehow connected with men. If you see image of man who stare in young girls and try to flirt with them, you will say "silly old grandpa. " We women are not the main subject as horny old ladies who try to reach another youth. That is forgotten, or you did not pay enough attention. Stats said that women jump in midlife crises in 44. Are all women in that age victims of foolish decisions? For sure not. You can be in twenties or in fifties , but if you are not reasonable person, your brain will stay useless. I say deliberately, because everyone has brain, just some not use it.  I read many articles about reborn women. Such foolishness as "forties are new twenties" or "my life begins in forties. " Well, if life begins in forties, what did you do in twenties? I was wild in twenties, and i am wise in forties, but i will not say that i am living another youth. No, i have no need to compete with girls 20 years younger than me, becaus…