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678. Pending time - he loves me or not?

Every relation is made of few phases. First, you burn from desire , but after that you feel saturation, and it is time to take a pause. Heart can’t make 100 percent fire all the time , this is like a petrol, sometimes you need to refill it with new flame. Why we need turbulence in relations? As passionate person, i will easier deal with conflict than with ignorance . Conflict is open field, you say this, he say that, you disagree but after anger pass , conversation is possible again. With ignorance, you are never sure. If person ignores you and you don’t know the reason, you will pass through experience of pending time. Why he ignores me? When he will stop ignore me? When he will reply on my message and why he don't not answer on my call? You are for sure familiar with this questions. When we are sure that person loves us, we will start to behave as we are on safe ground. Uncertainty is not an obstacle, he loves us, he will be there for us, he will do everything for us. Just, why …

677. Fake solidarity - why i will not support some women?

He doesn’t respect me. I wish to kill him.  When woman doesn’t succeed in her intention to get man, she will first talk about respect. As respect is not blind alley, it is not enough that you ask respect, you must give something to be respected. Recently i got unpleasant message in my inbox. Unknown woman warned me on my dear virtual friend. She said nasty things about him.  My first reaction was rage. I hate when unknown people, especially women, write to me. I hate filtered messages, because i know they have no good intentions. In many cases these are perverts or weirdos, or just jealous people who have nothing to do. So, that woman is from Russia, married or divorced, mother of one daughter. She pretend as angel of solidarity, to warn me on man. Next things i found out about her (from my other sources) is that she offers money for sex with strangers. She likes kind of sex tourism. Wow. So, when i talked with my friend, he told me that she called him on Skype and shown to him naked …

676. Why is important what people think of you ?

I don’t care what people think of me. That is usual statement when someone wish to push rebellion at first plan. This is typical for teenage ages, when first signs of resistance start and when mother became boring bitch, and father annoying bastard. If you want to be respected in your peer’s circle, first you will stand opposite toward your parents, even they are the nicest people at world. This is your gesture to show you don’t care, as your first effort in the process of growing and maturity. This statement is not correct totally. Of course, i care what people think of me, but i am not bonded with their advices or opinions. I care what will my parents say, my sister, my husband, my friends. I care what will my colleague think in my business circle. The right approach is not to show teeth to whole society. It is not important what you say if you say on right way. This skill i was learning by years. When my boss first time said that i was quiet person, i was rude just to show her an …

675. Unforgiven

Forgiveness is not act of empathy. That is kind of self help. If you love someone, and person harms you, and you want to continue to live with person you love, but you can’t forgive old sins, it will ruin you inside. Person who can’t forgive add poison to own life. If you can’t forget bitter memories, they became your followers. A  long time ago i could not forgive to man who hurt me. He hurt me physically , but my lips healed and all what left’s was humiliation. That was the hardest to forget, the way i felt humiliated. Later, when time passed, i started to look at this on different way. I was thinking like this : “My memories on him feed his ego. My bitterness is my obstacle. I can go forward and find another man if i will think that all are the same. I must forgive him because of myself, not because of him.” There is kind of selfishness in forgiveness, in a way, if we forgive someone, it means person is not relevant to bother us more. Why to continue endless fights when we can finish t…

674. Why couples should (not) hold hands?

Walking on the street with your partner and you don’t hold his hand. Some people will consider you as couple in the moment when they see you are holding hands. If he let your hands free, he is not interested. If you do this, you are not interested enough. That would be superficial conclusion about your privacy and intimacy. When i see couple hold hands together i will not assume everything about them. They could make impression about passionate love , but in private could be very opposite. Holding hands is gesture, kind of formality but not necessary sign that someone loves you or cherish you so much. I don’t hold hands with my husband on the street. If we stuck in crowd he will grab my hand not to lose me from sight. Meanwhile, our hands are free. Sometimes we made jokes about couples who are going slowly, hand by hand or if they walk on the street hugged as Siam’s twins. Isn’t that clumsy?
What this gesture should mean? He is mine. He will never leave me. Let all know that he is only mine…

673. Where friendship with benefits ends?

Two people never fall in love on equal way. You might start from the same position, but feelings will develop on different ways. One side will love less, other more. When this happens in relation called “friends with benefits”, things are getting harder. Although women usually ask how to keep friend with benefit and turn him into real boyfriend, situation could be opposite. Sometimes, friend with benefit wants to be your boyfriend but you don’t want this indeed. Sounds cruel? At the start of this relation you dealt that you meet only for sex and fun. With time, you will chill out or connect on higher level. When guy says to you that is over because he finds another woman or he got bored, you might think about him as cruel player , selfish egoist or playboy. What when woman said, there is no more fire and you can go? Cynthia met Brian at social network. She was business woman, single and she wanted something in the middle, not boyfriend, but neither relation for one night stand. She was h…