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Treat a lady like a whore (and the opposite way)

This old proverb found place in minds of some men who like to control every woman. Cheap opposite psychology is their way to seduce woman who is not obey to them on a way they wished. Imagine dominant, conservative man who raised in family under father’s authority, where woman role was to take care of children and do house work, while man was earning money. Her opinion was not important, also it was not desirable that she is much educated, because devil could posses her brain. I talk about Harry ( name is changed as i always protect my “muses”). Harry raised in big family, with 6 children. She was middle son, lived in poor conditions, without money and education. Harry is bright, not limited man, but very stubborn and bossy. He learnt this from his father. Harry got married in early twenties, with pretty wife. Soon he got cute daughter and than troubles appeared. Harry was young, handsome, and his wife was not a slave. She had her opinion, her wishes and views. She had an attitude. Soo…

Jealousy is (not) a proof of love

One of the myths about jealousy is that jealous person prove love by making jealous scenes to partner. Some women are even proud of jealous men, because it shows their values, accord their opinion. Cathy, an old woman who works in drugstore always talk about her husband as jealous one, who doesn’t like that she talks with her customers. As Cathy is an old woman without few teeth and grey hair, it raises her ego.
What is good in jealousy when you look at this from logic perspective? Jealous person checks e-mails, calls, messages. A jealous person attacks your friends if they even talk with you. A jealous person follows every your step. A jealous person asks password of your social network. A jealous person makes a story from every small detail. If you have trust and confidence at your partner, you will put jealousy in the last place. You will turn on healthy mind before you attack partner and accuse him of infidelity. There are some other ways of showing love, not with jealousy. Hug your pa…

Do you press a wrong buttons ?

Did you ever asked yourself why some people don’t accept you even you did your best effort? Did you asked why you give more than you get and why you stayed with short sleeves in some situations? This questions bothers me because i am person for “all or nothing. ” I give myself in complete, i have direct approach, my intentions are pure and i don’t know how to lie even i should know, to protect myself. After that i see people with hidden intentions and double faces, how they take my part of cake and i wonder why. I lost some friends cause i did not know how to fake my mood, how to pretend or to enter in some asses. In life, i met many men who wanted to obey me. I have sharp tongue, hard speech and i don’t get in my mind that i should obey to anyone. Some women have that talent, how to shut up when is time. I admit, when i get into discussion, is hard to get out from this, i love to say all what is on my mind. I am certainly not a type for “hi, how are you, have a nice day. “ What happ…