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Why changes are the important part of life?

How many times you heard words : “It is just a habit, quit this. ” When we stuck in kind of trouble caused by our addiction to someone or to something, we think there is no exit. Bad friends, bad lovers, bad job? You are overweight, too shy or you can’t find friends? Bad habit is part of every problem which should be changed. In the beginning is fear, in the middle is chaos but a the end is fascination. That is how i think when i changed some things in my life. Bad friends were falling as domino, one by one, even just before some times i was thinking i can’t live without them. Ex boyfriends , some i could not imagine life without them, are past today. I can’t remember that story which included them. How changes affect on us? Feeling powerful. Finally, your life is in your hand. Feeling stronger. Now, you are not a toy, you are person who will decide about you. Feeling independent. Now, others will not take your life in your hands. Feeling happy. You won over your fear and it makes you self co…

5 myths about a friendship with an ex- partner

Broken glass is not available for drink. Broken plate is not available for food. What is with your broken relation? The moment when you broke up , your relation finished. Stay tuned, because maybe your partner doesn’t think so. After breakup women will cry, throw anger and maybe make revenge. It will happen immediately, cause broken woman’s heart is fragile and our mind could be crazy. Men are different, they will be quiet , enjoy in their new freedom or try to focus at work and friends. Suddenly, 3 weeks passed, you are brand new woman, and he called you. Now his time of suffering started, so he wants to be in your life again. Here is a trap. 5 myths about friendship with ex boyfriend might fool you, because his intentions are not clean. What kind of traps women fall the most? He used sweet words as bait. He wants you in his bed, but not again in his life. He wants to use you because he has some problems. Financial, maybe he wants money from you. Or he lost support of your mutual frien…

Boundaries between love and pride

Can you draw a line between your feelings and pride? When is your proud act indeed manifestation of ego, and when is this vanity or stubbornness? When you did right thing, by standing behind your attitude? Think about your relation. You love your partner, but how you act in the case of conflict? Are you the one who always say “i am sorry” ? Or, you wait for him to apologize ? When conflict ruin your day, first what you think is how to establish harmony again. Will you swallow shits, for the sake of peace? Or, you will continue to hit with your sword? My opinion is that for love takes both sides. If we are together in peace and harmony, we will be together in arguments, too. If your partner is master of sweet words, but not even servant in conflicts, if he only says “all is your fault”, you can’t progress. I am proud person. It is very hard to humiliate myself, to say i am sorry when is obviously that i am not guilty. In the case of love, if i see that my partner is angry or sad, i am…

The conflict with the man you love is the hardest exam

Some people will remind you on harsh way why is necessary to love yourself first. Why is important to establish your values and not let anyone to cross your lines? Heart is fragile target and infatuation is blind road. Sometimes, we fall for those who are not on our level , or who wants to tame us into their world, to play accord their rules. The hardest opponent is the person you fall in love. I felt this on my own skin. If you have luck, you will survive misunderstanding with your partner and he will accept your values as part of you. If you don’t, you will get out from this impossible situation. When you fall in love, passion and self-respect could be on opposite sides. You met this guy, he attract you so much, he is amazing in bed, but soon you realize that he is not guy for long term. He doesn’t respect you. Once when man start to provoke you, to put you in the same box with other women who are really under your level, to ignore you and to show his muscles, you will see what is on …

Men who talk hunter's stories

Do you know about kind of guys who always gossip, women, after they slept with them? For sure, if you are the woman you judged them and thought that they are monkeys or social trash. 
Imagine man's circle with few guys who are joking and laughing, and certain woman is subject to their topics.
"She was screaming as a pig. " "She had hanging boobs. " "She did not wash her teeth. " "She was psycho, she called me hundred times after we broke. "
Hunter stories are familiar to men species. When someone asked Harry when he got laid last time, he said: "It was a prostitute, I met her at a club in Budapest. " After him, Billy said: "She was married and her husband was often at business trips. He was a broker, so we got laid while he was not at home. I forgot my watch there so I had troubles later. "
How to recognize hunter story?
The guy can't prove that his lover girl even existed.
Guy repeat the same story, but with different details…