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696. What we say in silence?

I am talkative person, but once when i get silent, i can be numb forever. With years i learnt about power of silence, especially in situation when someone hurts you. Before i thought that silent people are weak and fragile, and i underestimated silence as tool of cowards. Recently one person hurt me. We were close friends, i gave him my trust, loyalty and confidence. He mixed this gifts with toys, and he acted like kids with borrowed dolls, he broke it. We had conflict , lot of insults were in the air, and it finished with silence from my side. I used silence and ignorance as my answer, because it would be endless conflict. Simply, i decided to finish this story with my poker face, while insults dropped as raindrops , i was standing and smiling in the storm of bullets. I know i won and this is what i said in my silence: I am busy with my success and i have no time for your frustrations. I am busy with people who love me, and i don’t have time for people who hate me. I burnt this bridge, wh…

695. How to treat immature jerk after breakup?

Wise quote says: “About ex’s and dead people talk the best. ” When everyone should support this, breakups would be easier. Breakup by itself is hard thing, no matter how much compromises you got and how much time you spent in relation. Even relation faded or you started to feel boredom, when this moment come, one part of your life is over and you need to turn another page. There are few truths about breakups: You will see with whom you were in relation after he gone. You will see how much person respected you after he gone. You will see who is your replacement and that will be sign how much you meant to him. Mature men will never talk bad about women after their relation finished. Simply, accord their beliefs, that is private thing. It is not necessary to talk about this with other family members, with friends, or neighbors. Let’s forget and move forward. She was awesome, but she was not the right one. If you had bad luck to involve with jerk, things are different. Immature men …