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You like him, but you can't be with him

Have you ever been in the situation that you like someone, but you can't be with him? This might be for various reasons. You are taken. This person is too young for you. This person is too far away. This is your ex-boyfriend who hurt you before and you don't want to risk anymore. When you are single, this is not a curse. Sometimes, this is a blessing. Your possibilities are wide open so you can wait alone for your prince charming, you have time to think about and you will not hurt someone else, a third person if you say no. A woman who is attractive and taken is somehow damned because she can capture hearts even she is not "on the market. " It happens when you don't need and when you don't want.
Two friends, Sally and Amanda went out to the nightclub. Sally is single, and Amanda is engaged.  Sally is waiting for her prince for a few years, but men were approaching Amanda. She had that glow, in a sense "I am happy, I don't need anyone. I just came here …

The self-punishment accord Kemal

Did you ever feel guilty because of something you missed? Maybe you were a naughty child, so your parents almost got a breakdown. Maybe you need redemption as a parent, so now you spoiled your kids? Maybe you neglected your ex-girlfriend so now you are the biggest cuckold in marriage?
This is a story about Kemal. He is a gigolo amateur. Before 7 years he was married to a pretty woman. They were peers and their love story ended up in a tragical way. He beat her when he was furious and she sued him for an attack. He lied and manipulated police so he was not punished for abusing and family violence. His punishment was worse, it was an act of conscience. He felt sadness after divorce, cause every time when he visited his beautiful daughter she reminded him of the ruined family. He could not bear look at her innocent eyes and her childish smile because a girl did not know that her father is indeed a maniac.
Years were passing by so Kemal changed his lifestyle. He was finally free, as he alwa…

The grass is not greener on other side

Did you ask yourself, which kind of people is happy? People, who have everything? Beauty, money, power, happiness in love? How many times you were envious of a neighbor with a fast car and sexy wife, that you wanted to be in his place? One day you heard the other side of a story. Wife was cheating him, he had car’s accident and he owes money to some nasty people who beat him. Then you were thinking, I am not rich and my wife is average looks, but we are the great family. So I love my life and i would not be a neighbor’s place, never. That is the answer, you are happy when you are grateful. Your gratitude is key to happiness. Happiness is an individual event. I see my friend who is pregnant, and this is her happiness. I see my sister with her 3 children, that is her happiness. I see myself and husband on New’ years eve and this is our happiness. Is it true that grass is greener on another side? We might use the magnifier to compare ourselves with other people, but the question is, how…