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He is the loyal one?

When you meet a guy, what is the first thing you notice? His good look, his tolerance or his material status? A good-looking man will attract you at the first sight, but how long you will keep him if you realize that he doesn’t hold your side? Loyalty is one of the basic elements of every relationship. If you date a man, you need to know is he a loyal one. What loyalty means to you? It is not enough that he is not cheating you. A loyal man will never do this : Talk bad behind your back. Gossip you after a break-up. Spread rumors about your intimacy with him. Talk bad to your friends about you. Talk bad to your enemies about you. Escape in the case that you have problems with some people and you are in the middle of the conflict. As I always have a habit to give example in my stories, here is the one. Martin and Ella had a relationship full of passion and arguments. She knew, deep inside of her, that it will not work out cause he was a bossy, selfish and a narcissist. He was already divorced…

Would you date your friend's ex?

You are very close to her. No matter did you gossip together or share your troubles, she is your friend. You feel like she is your right hand, you can lean on her. There is only one thing which stands between you two, a similar taste for men.
Miranda and Sophie often finished sentences to each other. Miranda was once in the car when Sophie got her urgent message, about guy who pissed her off. She stood near the road just to read her message and call her, to be with her at that moment. Also, Sophie was in love with Clint, and Miranda knew all about them. She felt like he knew him because Sophie showed his messages. She gave her a few bits of advice, not to run for Clint because in her eyes that situation was not good for Sophie, she was his girl on the bench. When Clint was in the mood she was calling Sophie, and when she needed him she could not reach him. Finally, they ended this relationship which was not leading anywhere.
Sophie has left the city cause she found a job and Miranda was…

The video calls and another crap

I opened my cell phone in early Saturday morning to check what is new. Suddenly, I saw calls from the unknown guy. He was one of my Instagram followers, I did not even know he exists. Of course, I pressed the red button and blocked him immediately. Scrolling a few moments later, I saw another message, again on Instagram. Another guy wrote to me:”My nephew is an orphan, can you send me money?” Again, I blocked him. I was wondering, in what circumstances we are living nowadays? Unknown freaks can call you, write you, virtual beggaring is spreading around, and where is this world going? Why ask a favor from someone from another part of the world? Don’t you have a life? Can’t you find a girlfriend in your country, instead to call unknown, even married women at their phone? Recently I saw the kind of alert message on Facebook site, about clothes. It says something like this:”Girls, be careful what you are wearing, cause you will pull the attention of perverts.” Really? Indeed, if you show a pi…