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Don't touch my heart

The biggest lie which man can say to you is "I will never fall in love." Translation of this words would be: "You are not the right woman for me. " It sounds better if you think that guy is simply cold or without heart, and your ego will be less hurt if you think that he can only have sex with women, without feelings. This trap is often , as an excuse when guys want to break some relations or avoid obligations. 
Love is unpredictable and it is impossible to resist when arrow hits your heart. Eric was one of big players in his youth. He broke hearts of many girls. They were running for him, crying, even one of them threat him with blackmail, but nothing could force him to fall in love. Then he met this girl Diane. She was independent and busy with so many things, she did not have time for relation. They were friends but nothing more. Once they even had sex and other morning Diane left him a note that she is in rush, she went to business seminar in other city. First t…

Who is a real lady nowadays?

Dear ladies and gentleman, that is sentence from intro speech when you talk with publicity. You wish to express respect accord your audience, so that titles will help you to sound politely.

Who is indeed lady and does every woman really deserve this name? Recently i went to buy bus ticket because i was travelling in another city. I stand into line, forward me was a man, and few people also waited for a ticket. Suddenly, one woman run and pushed man in front of me, with words "I am in big rush" and before he opened mouth, she was buying a ticket. He said: "Madam, here is the line, you should stand here behind." She replied : "I am a lady and i need to catch this bus."  His response was : "You are a lady? Don't make me laugh. Ladies don't do this. You escaped from the jungle."
I was smiling, because in his words were lot of truth. Indeed, real lady will not push people as she is from Wild West. That would do Calamity Jane, but not a lady. Sh…

Trust me , I am the right one

How much we can trust to others? I would say: open your heart but keep your mind ready in the case of trouble. As much some people wish to believe that good acts will be rewarded human nature is not so genuine. We need to make the line between confidence and naivete.
If you are a weirdo, your access will be denied for everyone. The world is full of snakes and it is better to be alone.
You will imagine reasons why not to let approach in your life. 
A typical example is an insecure person. When someone wanted to ask Margot for a date, she was thinking only the worst. Ray invited her, and dark could over her head was full of monsters and threats. He wants to use me or he wants to make fool of me. I will be mocked and the subject of a laugh. No, I don't want to go on this date. 
A next example is a paranoid person. She burnt by bad experiences, and instead to think positive because all bad already happened, she closed her door. Once I met a girl who was so distrustful that I gave up on he…

The hypocrisy on the way

When someone accepts you as you are, with your natural characteristics and principles, that person cares about you. You don't need to be perfect or different, all you need is just to be real you. It sounds very simple, but it is not easy to find the person who will recognize real you. Life is full of situations when we will be forced to hide our real personality, at least until storm pass.

When we are playing roles?
At workplace.

Every workplace has own rules and if you wish to fit in, your skills will be focused how to survive. You will learn fake smile, sweet words and smarmy behavior, even that is not real you. 
When someone introduces you to his parents and relatives. 

Now, you will be an actor. Can you tell to mother of your boyfriend that you changed guys as socks before you met her son? No, you can't so you will be innocent, a kind flower who discovered life at the moment when you met him. 
In politician groups and circles. You want to be a candidate on next elections? You wi…

How is to be in other's skin?

Don't do to others what you don't wish for yourself. As much we try to understand how other people feel in the time of trouble, we can't understand unless we had similar experiences. We will get a point when something like that happens to us. In that case, maybe we will have double standards. So, that is alright for you, but not for me because i am different. That is message by our ego system. We allow to ourselves everything, but when others do the same, we will look with different eyes.
Veronica was problematic girl, as teenager. She caused so much problems to her parents. Once she has traveled in other country just to meet with guy , and she did not notify nobody about this. Simply, she called mother from Bologna in Italy, after two days of missing. Another time, she made piercing in nose. She had big hole in nose because she wanted quick and cheap piercing, and it was painful. She was bleeding and even her friends were terrified. Nobody could  persuade her that she is d…

Is your status a bachelor?

Magic of love connected them in few moments. Sparks are around this couple, and she felt that is time to settle down. She asked him important question: "Would you like to marry with me?"
Suddenly, fire balls stop to spread lights, and everything turn into ash. He is numb, because he has no answer on this question. If he accepts, he will sacrifice his sexual life forever. If he says NO, this gorgeous woman will be hurt. So he decided for diplomatic answer : "I am not ready to get marry yet. " She heard only word "yet" and this was another flame to warm up her hope.
Bachelors are type of men who think that time is limitless. It is alright to be bachelor in 25, but what is in 35, 45, or even 55 year? Young guys, who just step up into this life are joking about marriage. They are cheerful because they grab every chance to please their wishes and satisfaction is in status single. As long you are single, or at least you are not officially married, all paradise is…

How to deal with side-effects of previous romances?

Experience is gift with double meaning. We learn where we failed, and later this precious knowledge will be used as lesson. Also, experience is a burden and next time when we open new chapter, doubt is around us, as grey cloud on the sky.
Sometimes, we will get out as damaged toys from love relations. Love scar will be too deep and it will heal very slow. How to date with person who has broken heart, without opening old wounds?

These are things which happens in love relations, as side effects:
Cheating.Relation with infidelity is hard burden. Partner was cheating you, and your trust is broken. Next time, when your new partner will take a look on other woman, you will imagine them in bed.
Violence. Partner had hard fists? You fall on the scales, you hit on the door few times on month? If your new partner raise voice, you will think he will punch you.
Lies. Your ex partner was a liar. He lied about his job, family roots, even he maybe had double life. Your relation was an illusion, so now yo…