363. Women on the sale

When i was teenager, i had friend from another city. She visited me in summer and we had deal to go out in nightclub for weekend. When we met, she was wearing short skirt and high heels, and i was in trousers. Soon, bunch of kids start to mock her, and one boy said to her: "You look like whore." She was shocked, me too, but it was small city and people were poisoned with stereotypes and prejudices. That kid had 13 years then, and for sure he heard such words from his mother or father. She did not have good time even later, because men were offering her sex or drink in the club, so she was so disappointed. I did not want to be rude, but i said to her that problem is in her clothes. She simply shown wrong impression. Indeed, she was good girl from decent family, but she wanted to attract attention from one particular guy. He did not appear that night, but she got bunch of unpleasant offers from other men.
When women fall in love, they think with heart or instincts, and often th…

362. Don't be late

You had deal to meet your friend in 11 a.m. She is again getting late, even you warned her last time that you don't like it. Finally she came, with innocent smile on her face, after you waited her half hour. Will you forgive her because this is part of her personality? Person who is getting late is more than clumsy accord other's feelings. She is unstable, distrustful and disrespectful.
Ok, if you think that is not a big deal, imagine situation where you are standing on open space, when outside is snow and wind, and you are waiting for person more than 15 minutes. For sure, this is not comfortable and you feel as a fool. Try to get late next time when you have deal with her, so let she feels how it is. Experiences learnt us, we got the point after we pass through the same things , when we did not believed to others how hard it is.

Some situations are unpredictable and you will get late as much you try to come on time. Person with good manners will take cell phone to make a call …

361. Addicted to love

When you feel loved in his arms, his kisses are reason for life and this dream is indeed your reality. Love spreads miracles with magic stick , because you have that special someone. When we are enough lucky to find someone who will love us back, we are on the way to eternity. 
Love doesn't pick targets so people are caught in this spider net suddenly, unexpected, when they are not ready. One special category, which are suitable victims of love, are emotional addicts. Such person cannot be single, she is jumping from relation to relation because love butterflies are her sense of life.
As much we are able to control our feelings, we will attract more lovers because it makes person interesting. Everyone wants something untouchable, forbidden, mysterious. Especially if this is person who will give love only to us and eliminate other candidates from the heart.
When we live life just in one direction, to find someone who will complete us, this path could be deceiving. 
Emma was addicted to…

360. Die in your memory

Our hardest battles in love relations are about invisible issues. Fights with ghosts are unfair because you can't face with them , so issues have roots in deep past. If your man still loves his ex wife who left him forever, he is in the middle of ghost trap. Men are hunters and they will not easy forget how they missed some targets, or how that targets vanished ,  so they are still hunting them. First girlfriend who broke relation, beloved wife who died, girl who rejected him, all those are ghosts which are invisible, but their presence is still in the air. 
In famous movie Rebecca, year 1940, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, young woman who is never named got married for reach widower Maxim. His ex wife Rebecca died, but her presence is around, and new wife will be compared with her. This is invisible race where Rebecca is role model, and new wife is follower until this illusion die.

Men will not easy fall in love, and sometimes, when they must stop love, it will be hard. First girlfr…

359. 8 prejudices about unmarried women

Prejudices are chains which stop us to see things clear. If we are bonded with prejudices, our view will always be limited and foggy. We will risk to hurt someone who is dear to us or to get involve in serious conflict.
Unmarried women are one of the victims of various prejudices. Like octopus, that misleads spread their tentacles into every area of society. Unmarried woman could be our friend, employee, boss, neighbor, sister or cousin, results are the same. She will pass hard path of explanations about her status.
If you are over 30 and single, you are part of category "unmarried" , until you find a husband. If you live in cohabitation, your status is different, but yet traditional part of society will not consider you as wife or spouse, because this is not formal. Unmarried women should also have something as Gay pride, because they are also often mocked and subject of abusing or harassment.
Here are eight the most often prejudices about unmarried women.
She must be bisexual …

358. Destroy my illusion

If you wish to break someone's heart, break his illusion. Reality is often cruel and when person lives in the cloud, fall on the ground is very painful. Special sensitive area is love, if you persuade people about their misleads, they will hate you at first sight, but later they will be grateful. Daughters will hate their mothers because they forbid them to date with wrong guys, or they said the truth into their faces. Teenagers will often talk how they hate parents , but later they will do the same to their children, just to lead him on right life path.

Illusions are bubbles, they don't last forever, and they will pass with time or something will broke them, after suddenly and unexpected action, with shock effect. What you feel inside when you lost your dream? You will hate person who told you the truth, because you feel offended. Your ego was so stupid and did not see the obvious thing.
Penelope had 19 when she fall in love hard in his professor at college. He was married, wit…

357. An eye for an eye

One statement about vengeance is: "an eye for an eye"  based on The Code of Hammurabi , from the age of Babylon. In this background is injustice, wrong act which someone did, and that person deserves punishment. If you steal, authorities will order to cut your fingers.
We are witnesses of many hard life situations, when we were damaged or hurt. The worst part is, guilty person will get out without scratch , because life is not fair. For a comfort, people like to believe that karma will do good work , but this is slow and maybe it will never happen.  In this case, people will support revenge as right act, because culprit must pay his bill, otherwise he will do it again.

If you don't support forgiveness, if you can't forget , than you will justify revenge as good way to fight back to get your paycheck.  In this case, you need smart plan, because once when you take a sword, this sword can turn against you.

How to make good revenge?
Be silent and quiet in your plans.
If you can…