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Who are men on the blacklist?

Some men will always walk away with short sleeves from love relations. It is not that they are cursed, ugly or stupid, they are not even poor. Simply, they are in category which is hard to love and women will runaway from them as they are diseased.

I was doing small research between men i know, with different statuses. Interesting thing is, the men who were in relations in past are just temporary alone, and soon they will find new love. They get out from relation, they are between two relation or in front of marriage. That are privileged members in x group. The other group are men who are single a long  time, and they are always rejected. These are members of y group. Between x and y, women will always choose x group.

Members of y group, men on black list:

Narcis. Type of man who is in love in himself. Handsome, elegant, but still alone. Women are avoiding him, they considered him as dull.
Cleaner. Man who lives alone, he is used to do all housework for himself. Flat is clean as drugstore…

Is it hard to say goodbye?

The word goodbye is one of the hardest words. The end is always sad and painful, especially if this is a final decision about the love story. It will be hardest if you are spinning in a circle, and someone continuously breaks up with you, because he is too weak to cut off this bond forever.

How you would react to these situations?
1. You are fired from your work. 2. You got papers for divorce. 3. Your partner wants to break up with you. 4. Your friend doesn't want to hear from you anymore, because you did something unforgivable. 5. Your love is moving to another city or country, so this is default goodbye.

Sometimes, life will be so bad that you will face it with loss of work and breakup in short time, as one misery doesn't come alone. This sadness has a tail, so when we are so fragile, we are targets for more bad news.
If you think about goodbye as a new beginning, as a relief, it will be easier. 
What are possibilities?
Sometimes, goodbye is a blessing. You lost an old job? There is a…

Tell me a lie

Tell me lie and i will feel cheated or hurted. If you found out that someone is a liar, you will judge him and for sure that person will not be desirable friend. Now try to look at this from different angle, so then you will know why lies are popular and why liars can survive. As long in this world are naive and weak people, they will be excellent food for liars. Liars are sharks, and naive people are small, tasteful fishes, ready to be someone's meal.
Reality is not beautiful fairytale. Even when life praise you with gifts and rewards, there is always a catch. This is as cake with flies , so sweet at first sight but you can't eat this because when fly sits there, it will be disguisting. For example, one day you finally found job . You were unemployed for a long time, and suddenly you have well paid job. Are you happy now? Now you have annoying colleagues, bitch sits with you in office and talk loudly at phone, radio is playing and you can't stand that music, and when you g…

How to say a woman that she is not your type?

Popular man will capture much attention. Many women will try to catch him , on various ways. If you are famous model, i believe that is not easy for you. Probably, you got tired from women because they are on every corner and waiting for you. Leonardo di Caprio once made love with 3 women in the same day, he did not want to reject their offer. When you are guy who jumps out from the crowd, when everybody wants to touch you , it must be exhausting. Even worse, you will try to find ways how to get rid of boring women.
You don't have to be famous to be in the center of attention. Some guys have charisma, and women will stalk especially them. That is in women psychology, they want guy who belong to someone else, who had many relations and adventures, and who is popular. It doesn't mean why this guy is popular. This could be his sexy look, intelligence, money or originality. He is simply different than others, as golden bracelet from the bunch of stones.
I understand that such guy wi…

Do you have the appetite for a self-destruction?

Human character is greedy. When you have cake, you want to cream. When you got cream, you want cherry at the top. In the end, you throw cherry into garbage box and you want pasta. Harmony is one step far from boredom, and boredom is close to self-destruction.
As long you control this demon inside of you, there is nothing to scare about. Well, not everyone is the same. Glenda was a businesswoman, she opened private firm together with her husband Arnold and they had almost everything. Apartment on the beach, house with swimming pool. They spent winters in Aspen, and summer in Ibiza. Arnold was a handsome gentleman who graduated in Oxford. They were a couple from the cover of the magazine. Then Arnold wanted new security and he hired two bodyguards to protect him and his wife. Young Peter caught eyes of Glenda, but he was a hard nut. He had respect toward Arnold and Glenda used all her charm to get him into her bed. She was walking half naked in her house, she forgot to wear panties when …

How relationship at workplaces can succeed?

Love doesn't pick time and place. You can fall in love everywhere and anytime. People will tell the funniest stories about how they met and where they fall in love. Love is blind because romantic arrows will hit you in unpleasant time or in an inappropriate place. 
One of the places which are not recommended as love oasis is the workplace. Don't shit where you eat, it could be related to this. Melinda fall in love with his boss and even worse, she shared an office with him. He was married and she felt as a schoolgirl at first date. She was blushing every time when he gave her compliment, and her behavior was so clumsy. So she forgot to do calls to some important people, her files were messy and nobody was fascinated with her. They never realize relation, even sparks were visible. Her boss said that they work together and that is against rules. Some private companies will even have an internal law about love relation between colleagues. It will be forbidden, for the sake of busi…

How some women lie at the internet?

One of the biggest cheaters in virtual world are fake profiles. Imagine that you share your problems, dreams and daily routine with charming stranger and you found out that person is fake. You would not believe what kind of creeps are hiding under avatars and what are people able to do in internet, just to get some attention.
When i say fake, there are many possibilities.

About gender. You may think that your best friend is a man, but she is a woman. Yes, women also make fake pages and represent themselves as men. What is purpose? One is to hide their real sex orientation. Other is to fool competition. So, if you like guy in virtual world, and you have tough competition, you can open page and pretend that you are man. Naive women will come at your page, and if you are enough sophisticated, you can flirt with them. During this, your real man target is focused on you, because you took this girls at your page. Sick, i know. 
About race. You can pretend that you are white race even you are A…