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23. "I want to be your friend"

"I want to be your friend." - first lie which man tell to woman if circumstances between two of them are hard.

How to be friend if you like person more than a friend? When is friendship between man and woman possible?

1. if woman is much older than man, friendship is possible , she can be as his mother or life teacher, or if man is much older he can be her guide as father figure

2. if there is no physical attraction between man and woman, simply she is not his type, or he is not her type

3. if  both are in happy relations with other people

Friendship and love are as two neighbors. There is limit. If you do one step more, you cross the limit. If you have sex with friend, he is your fuck buddy. If you are jealous on other girls in his company, you love him.

To be a friend, you must be sure that you want friendship and nothing more. Because if you do wrong step, you will suffer. Wrong signals can lead you to nowhere. Talking about friendship, and doing opposite things can be a reaso…

22. After breakup is breakup

Breakups, we all know everything about it. Someone kick you out from his life or you cut off someone from your life. That should be the end, isn't it? Can you break up after break up? Like you bury the same deadman twice. The worst part of this sad story is denial. What if person can't let you go? Here comes the situation when you are smiling again, breath again without rock in your lungs, when you can walk without chains in your feet. And then he appears in every corner.

Even when he found someone else, he says "she is not like you, it is not the same", but he doesn't want to admit that he did wrong thing , he has no courage to start it again. He wants to sit on two chairs. One chair is safe, this sweet girl who will care for him and wipe his ass, and the other, this is you, the other who were challenge for him and he could not forget. I think that every guy who choose girl by his conscience, to please society, is very unhappy guy. When heart made choice, it will a…

21. Love in background

Substitutes are not good even in food. I mean, eat industrial soup instead of domestic soup is not the same. Or try apple pie from Mc Donalds instead of grandma's  pie. That is simple not original thing.

As in life, there are situations when people want to put you in the background, to be second violin, or even third or fourth. If i use football language, i will say that you sit on the bench waiting for the whistle to run into the match. But here is possibility that main star in this team will always be first choice, so you will get tired of siting.

That is role of mistress, lover or popular called slut.  Wait for a call and be ready when he is free.

For him, you don't have birthday, holidays, you have no feelings, you don't cry, not smile, you are just waiting his call to spread legs when he wants. Even sex will not be romantic, he might hurry on business meeting or he must pick up kid from the school because he is husband and father at first. Every woman who can accept this …

20. Are you easy or hard trophy?

It is possible very fast to rate someone as easy to get. Jump in other bed after 2 days of dating, changing guys more often that socks, and running for someone who doesn't want you. When gossips start, the question is "Why they labelled me as easy?" And why he is not an easy man, and instead of mockery, he got title as Casanova and macho man?

As much this society is progressing, some things will always be the same. Do not call guy, do not run for him. Not because you must be old fashioned girl and wait for his step. It is because guys are hunters, and when you take things in your hands, you take away their power to decide. They can feel as feminine, weak person who must wait woman to choose them.

A long time ago my friend asked me why her lover never appeared with her in publicity. Why he is dating with other girl, and why she is only sex partner for him? The answer is "because he can get all what he wants inside his car, so why he should bother to pay her drink in nigh…

19. Hitchhiking guide

I know, alone girl in the road  will have label as tramp or loser. For sure that is understandable, who wants to drive with someone unknown in the backseat? And if you put thumbs up and sit in unknown car, you take a risk.

How many girls were victims of maniac because they enter in wrong car? Hitchhiking is a lottery game. You can get nice person who will bring you home safely, or maniac who will give you much troubles.

I was hitchhiker when i went to college. 4 years, from time to time i used to hitchhiking, to save money for bus and get home faster. Sometimes i had company of friends, sometimes not. I had guardian angel in this time. Also i had notepad in my head and i never got hurt, even unpleasant situations did not avoid me. 

So, imagine yourself that you are standing alone in the middle of the road, distance from your home is very big and you have no other choice than to stop car.

Here are some tips which can help :

1.  your clothes - no hard feelings, but if you wear leather jacket…

18. How we handle reality

Daily routine is silent killer. You are somewhere in the city, meeting with thousand undesirable people, their faces insult you with their existence. Do you wish to see beggar who ask you money, drunk kid who is crawling with bottle of wine in his hand or poor old granny with vegetables in bags, asking desperately who will help her to carry her burden. No, for sure you will wish young girl who will bring you cocktail with cheery or man with muscles who will do unforgettable massage. Or you wish to swim in the swimming pool where only you have access.

The biggest freedom is indeed financial freedom. When you don't need tram to get on time because your driver will take you. When you don't need to share your office with old boring hag, and wake up in 6 in the morning, to catch bus where driver will listen terrible folk music.  When your neighbors will not ring on your doors in the moment you just came from work. this world which you created is much better than reality, because here …

17. Happiness in your wallet

Do you feel lucky? That would be famous words of Dirty Harry when he is in the action.  

Luck is symbol of addiction if you gamble. In casino, when people want to make their day the main challenge is roulette or slot machines. This is not Las Vegas, in my city is just small gambling hall with few waitress and free candies on the desk. In fact, candies are expensive when you lose money on gambling. It won't stop you to try and if you win something, bunch of tramps will surround you to please their curiosity. Gambling is still taboo there, by meaning that only people with psychological problems go there . No matter do you have debts or you just have fun, somehow people will stare at you as you are an alien , especially if you are woman. As i saw in one western movie : "only bad girls gamble and drink. "

I hate crowd and when nervous jerk sits near me. That old man hit his machine like it will spit money. I wonder what security do here, just standing? I can't focus on min…