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220. Judge me by my outfit

How many jokes we heard about blondes? What is on our mind when we see Chuck Norris? That is beginning of every stereotypes.
Blonde woman is so dumb that if policeman stop her car and ask her identify card, she will look in the mirror and say "Oh, we look like twins." Indeed jokes are funny, but also offensive. If we can consider every blonde woman as stupid, soon stupidity will be recognized by the color of hair. Look at Sharon Stone, her intelligence is over 140 and she is almost genius. Ivana Trump is successful business woman and Hilary Clinton is political leader. 
These are only examples how people judge us by the look. Why such approach? It is superficial and not complete, but this is easier. If you have business interview and you put too much make up or you are dressed as you go to football match, you can miss a chance to get job. Unfortunately, your employers can judge you by the look. If you have big breasts and style of Pamela Anderson, you will not be welcomed in bu…

219. Obsessed lovers

Remember how your beloved partner ran for you in the start of your relation? Your heart beats and your are trembling because situation is unpredictable, will he call? Deep sigh, now phone is ringing and you can sleep well, you can learn for an exam because he loves you.
With years, love can melt as ice on the sun. Someone loves too much, and the other feels as in chains. You are choking in all this emotions. That is why love needs health sense and balance.
You are the air i breath, you are my everything, i would die for you. Big words, but if you look on other side, isn't it somehow scary? Person who lives for you doesn't live own life. She is dedicated to  you by her own will. Does she live for herself too?
There are two kind of people who are addicted to love on unhealthy way.
1. person who is totally dedicated to you 2. person who want your complete dedication
When love relation is healthy, you will not spend 24 hours with that person every day. You have friends, job, parents, br…

218. Friends with two faces

Perfect idea about  friendship is big circle where are all people connected together. They hold their hands and dance around the world. That is far from truth and reality.
If you say that you pick your friends and that you are not friend of everybody, people will consider you as pretentious, cocky or even rude person. Someone wants to be your friend, you reject him and that person will be hurt.
Real friendship is just this, elimination of fake intentions. See this situation.
Anita was new girl in neighborhood. She wanted to fit in but she did not know how. Soon, Petra saw her chance to include this girl in her circle. Petra was kind of leader, rich girl who organised every party and it was matter of popularity if you are invited in her house. Her friendship had price, so first she was nice and kind, she lend clothes to her girls, she helped them to find guys for dating and everybody thought about her as perfect friend. Petra wanted something to return. She invited Anita, but for few days…

217. Unwrapped happiness

Happiness is inside of us. Ask yourself a question what makes you happy and your donor is in front of the mirror.
If you feel good even your favorite song will make you happy. An opposite, if you drown in your personal flood , full of negative thoughts, new Mercedes will not bring you happiness.
It is wrong thinking that everything will be solved if you find love. Bunch of people are in relations, but still they are not complete happy. Partner can be big source of happiness, but if you ask something different than he gives to you, all is in vain.
Happiness is a system. Try to remember what made you happy all these years, what was reason that you felt happy yesterday and what makes you smile before one hour.

You can be happy even if others are miserable, because this is in human nature. Think about how this things can make you happy.
Your terrible boss is sick? Your ex girlfriend got 20 kilograms on weight and she is not attractive anymore? Your business rival collapsed in financial debts.

216. Young women as fresh meat

One of the biggest fears in marriage is that you will get bored to your partner. One day, your partner may ask for a refreshment. If you ask some women, they will say "i am afraid of younger competition." Time is cruel and we are all getting old. Just, standards for men and women are not so equal. There is no such discrimination as it is discrimination by ages.
Look at woman in twenties. She is young, pretty, full of life energy. Guys will fight for her heart and she will have much opportunities for job and education. Also, she will have much friends and social contacts. When woman is in thirties, things are easy changing. If you don't have husband or serious relation, your choice is getting smaller. You did not notice some guys who would die for you, but now you will pay attention on them , because they are still single. If you are released from your job, you stuck into problems. Here it is, new girl is coming, she finished college, she has skills you don't have and …

215. Vision of you

It is not gold all what is shining. People are as pearls, they can be fake. Sometimes is easier to believe in your fantasy, then to accept reality. Reality is grey, and fantasy is rainbow. This is very seductive, who would not choose fantasy?
Little Bob dreamed about blonde girl with long hair , because she was princess in every story which his mother read to him for good night. As teenager he was crazy for blondes. His first girlfriend, Mia was his ideal. Blonde hair , blue eyes and long legs, as he imagined. Accord fairy tales she should be innocent princess and he would save her from troubles. He did not know nothing about her, unless that she has wonderful voice and she sing in school chorus. Once he went earlier to wait for her and she caught her with teacher of singing , in flagranti. Rumors said that he was not first teacher in her trap. She was far from innocent princess.
It is amazing to fall in love, we change perception about everything. Even monkey can be beautiful in our ey…

214. Ladies first

You are man, you must to first step. This is something what men listen from early days, because they are familiar as "stronger gender". Guy likes girl and he will approach to her, as it was expected .
What is with shy, insecure guys? They can have fear from rejection or laughs, because girls can be cruel too. Boy will enter into this world in teenage ages, and if his first experience will be painful, it can make him frustrated. Now days is easier with progress of technology so you can send request to Facebook or google or twitter and wait for approval. If girls deny, nothing bad happened.
If you ask some guys would they like that girls approach to them first, you can get some positive answers. Why not, times changed, and women are more opened and available for new experiments. It is not a shame if girl call you first, approach you first or send you message. On that way female can feel how is to be in male skin.
What makes difference is the way of approaching. I am sure that too…