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Do you categorize your partners in a relationship?

Did you feel attracted by someone who is not appropriate for you? Now forget social differences and stereotypes, because sometimes you feel inside that someone is not your number. You don't see yourself is serious relationship with this person, but you feel strong desires. This person simply makes you horny.
Emotions are not always mature, and not everyone we met is our future husband or wife. We will travel through our desires and sometimes we will just ask bunch of sparks, without questions where is final destination. Trouble is if we hurt someone without intentions, because other person might think different. 
Some guys have scale and they will label girls in more groups.
Girls for one night stand.
Girls for friendship.
Girls for relation.
Girls for marriage.
Of course, every woman wants that her beloved guy accept her as serious candidate for marriage. What is in his head, that is another question. You can be beautiful, smart and rich, educated and hilarious, but if you are not woman…

Let it go - option against infidelity

If you say to someone :"Do it now, otherwise i will go away", it  means force or blackmail. You might reach your purpose, but person will feel bad. Nobody loves chains and sooner or later, if you squeeze person too much, you will lose. In life, and especially in love, option "let it go" is more effective than "you are obligated to do this." 
Many times women will ask how to get rid of rivals. Some men are simply not created to be faithful and life with them will be continuous struggle between love and hate. You can leave him without much noise, or you can give him freedom to do what they like. If you decide to keep him, you need strategy. Give him chains, but this chains should never be noticed. This weapon is invisible and other women will not have chance with him anymore.
Linda and Vincent were married couple for many years. Vincent was playboy before she met him, and he chose her after many relations with others. Linda was coldblooded and rational woman,…

Are you a financially independent woman?

Many single women will face it with a difficult question: "Who cares for me?" No matter are you recently in single status or you search for partner a long time, emptiness is your follower and you are a victim of other people who look at you with condolence or even mockery. If you ask single women how they feel alone, they will say "I have friends and family, my parents and brothers are still here", or "I am not exactly alone, I have a lover who visits me from time to time." Here is one important thing, a universal cure for loneliness. This is financial freedom.
Now I can hear phrases as "money is a cold blanket" or "money can't buy happiness and love", but the power of money should never be underestimated. You can use money as a stick to hold on when everything else is going to hell. Think about your best friend. She is a dear girl, but she can't live your life instead of you. She is married, she is also a mother and her priorit…

Let me sin one more time

Repeating is the mother of knowledge. I can say this with a dose of irony, more you repeat the same mistake, you will learn more and title of master is yours. The problem is, time is running and if you stay in one place, frozen in the same situations without exit, your chances to find a final solution are smaller.
In which life areas we repeat fatal mistakes, even we know that it will not work out? 
Look at your job. You know it is not good to get late at work, but you will do it again because you don't like your job, you don't want to get up earlier to come on time or you don't want to move more near to your workplace. Also, you don't stick to deadlines because you lost motivation. You will be maybe fired, but who cares?
The private area is even worse. How much time you involved with the same man, and he disappointed you again? You don't wish to be alone or you don't want changes. Also, maybe you change guys, but all are from the same box. Young, wild, immature, …

Brothers by depression

Grumpy person is not desirable friend. It is normal to be moody, but people who are constantly sad, angry or depressed are not welcome. If you pass hard time, you will wish to be in company with someone who can make you smile. Cheerful friend will lift you up, and your situation will look better.
Imagine that you wait results of important exam or job interview. You would like to have someone beside you, to lean on. The last what you need is demoralization. If your friend is there, and if you hear something like : "Competition is tough, and your chances are small", this person is not good support. Also, if you wait result of surgery, and your close family member is in the hospital, you don't need pessimistic person near you. It would be like song of owl, creepy and undesirable.
Friends will share everything, but friendship is never equal, in sense that two friends live the same life. There is always balance, as on swing. Someone will be more happy, other will pass hard time…

Are you a dumb blonde?

One of the most familiar stereotypes are views about blondes. No matter is that natural hairstyle or woman just dyes her hair, blondes will never stay unnoticed. In movies with romantic story, the mistress is a usual blond woman, and wife is a woman with brown or black hair. A good example is ex-US president John F. Kennedy, his wife was Jacqueline Kennedy, the lady with brown hair, and the whole world bragged about his blonde mistress Marilyn Monroe. Blonde women are labeled as easy, stupid or cheap, accord superficial men. In one hand, a blonde woman will be someone fatal, and in another hand, she will be a woman which is easy to get. Alfred Hitchcock was a big fan of blondes, his favorite actresses were Kim Novak, Janet Leigh and Grace Kelly, all blondes.There is something intricate in a woman with blonde hair, with transparent white skin and blue eyes as a combination.
The last woman hanged in Great Britain was Ruth Ellis. She was blonde and she killed her lover with pistol Smith&a…

Can you handle the rejection?

Role of hunter is not grateful position. Men are by nature leaders, and from them is expected to do first steps. Especially, if they wish to get certain woman, they must be ready for everything, from gentle rejection until harsh kick in the butt. As much real man will take leash in his hands, he will also know when to back off, and when is time to stop with his attempts. Croatian football player Ivica Olić is happy married, but accord his story his present wife denied him few times before she accepted to date with him. Also, Cristiano Ronaldo got rejection at first time from Irina Shayk, his present fiance. Women sometimes tests how much guy can handle. Unfortunately, some guys are not so wise to recognize real rejection from warm-cold strategy. This is also women fault, so women will play and make fool of men in some situations.

How to separate real rejection from warm-cold strategy?

If woman is interested for you, and she is not yet sure, she will give double signs.
She will say no if y…