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How to repair your shattered dream?

Perfect life exists only in movies. The main character is a hero with a beautiful wife and adorable children, he has a well-paid job and all that he wishes to do is joke for him. Also, if you noticed advertising for some products, as for example fruit juice, you will see a happy family in front of the table, with a dog who enjoys together with them. In real life, you could see grumpy mother's face because someone spilled juice, the dog made poop on the carpet and angry husband is rushing at the job so he can't find his socks. 
How much are people seduced by newspapers, movies, and books? 
What kind of people will swallow any shit which television offers to you, without questioning what is in the background?

You don't stand firmly on the ground in next cases:
You did not want to accept the job, because you can't get up early.
You fall in love on the internet, without asking the person to open the camera. You saw the beautiful photo and that is enough to open your heart.
You b…

Just married

Single woman are often target at social sites. If you have status single or in open relation, guys will ask for friendship with you, especially if you are pretty and talkative. It doesn't mean that you must be available for all, and block and delete option is always here to protect you from unwanted fans. 
If woman is married, or engaged or in relation, she notifies publicity that she is taken. Well, you are not under lock and you can talk with your men friends, but you will set up your limits and they will know where is their place, unless you don't wish innocent virtual flirt. Now next question is: should we declare our status at Facebook and similar sites? Do we owe to publicity notes about our private life? 
Mine opinion is, if you are in relation or in marriage, you should tell it to avoid confusions. If you have common photos with love of your life, let other men see that you are not available to share your heart with them. 

What are advantages of declared love?
Guys will no…

Are you a woman of his dreams?

Imaginations, dreams and fantasies are typical for women. We like to walk in the clouds and fly with our imaginary wings. Even men are mostly realistic and firmly on the ground, you would be surprised when you find their weak spot. Your man is also sensitive creature on some way, and in his life are dreams about women which you never should touch. 
Man will not easy fall in love, especially if his target is woman for serious relation. But once when man fall in love, he will keep footprints in his heart, even that woman left him. 

Which kind of woman will label his life ?
His mother. Many men dream about woman who will be embodiment of his mother. Connection between man and his mother is often topic for movies , where bad guy is afraid of his mother, even he is master of every woman in his life.
His best friend. If he had or he still have woman as best friend, she is as his sister and you must be careful with her. Especially if she decided to catch him as lover.
His first lover. First woman…

Greetings from the bottom

Smart person is always step forward. It means, this person think about results of present actions and she can predict possible consequences. One Croatian quote says : "don't go with throat to pick strawberries". It considers hasty actions, without thinking.

Here is a little test, and if your answer on this question is yes, you are hasty person.
Did you drink until you did not collapsed?
Did you stay at party until early morning, even you had work next day?
Did you slapped someone with fist, even you knew person will call police?
Did you have sex without protection, with stranger?
Did you drive with unknown person, as hitchhiker?

Spontaneous acts are interesting, but if you don't think forward, you might regret what you did. 

Once when damage is here , you must face it with failures. If you spend all salary before next payment, you will ask for money and it will be unpleasant to beg friend for some coins. What is worse, the main damage starts when you involve others in your p…

Are you a man from a parody?

When man is alone, he will be frustrated with failed romances. How to seduce special woman? This question will ask many guys, in hope to get lucky. If you wish to get attention of woman, make a balance between romance and reality. Romantic stories and movies will often give wrong perception about women needs and wishes. If you watched some romantic scenes, they will include Gypsies with violins, flowers and balloons, and woman who cries from happiness. Well, we are not all like that, to fall on banal tricks. If movie was a parody, there would be woman with potatoes, to hit such guy from the corner, because his skills of courtship are so old fashioned. What is the biggest defeat of man? That woman will make a fool from him. 

Here are some important things which every guy needs to check before declare his love.
Check is that woman single. You don't wish to have business with angry husband.
Check her past, maybe she broke relation before few days, and you will not be welcome.
Check her m…

Are you a heartless woman?

Feelings are not automatic buttons that we can press right ones to act as we wish in this moment. It would be good to press delete or shut down in some opportunities, because it would spare us from pain. Modern woman will say : "I can make love with man and after this i will leave him if he is not what i wanted", but that is part of theory. In practise, things are different, because if you are not porno star or prostitute, your feelings will be involved. 
Some women will try to copy men, for revenge. Just, men are not built from the same materials as women. Man can enjoy in sex and after this he will not date with woman, because it was part of his pleasure, and she is not in his heart. Women are more sensitive, and this planet is full of women who cried because they did not learn difference between sex and making love. 
Black widow is a spider. She will eat her man after reproduction. That is good role model for dissapointed women who wish to swallow partners after pleasure. P…

Are you a powerless princess without other's help?

Independent person is gift for others. Many people love to say, i am independent, i don't need anyone. In the case of struggles and problems, this statement will be confirmed or denied. It is easy to say that you can do all alone when all is going well.

What happens in the case of storm in your life?

Suddenly, you broke and you need money, are you independent now?
Your boyfriend left you and you will call friends?
You got fired?
Your close family member is sick?

Being independent means that you lean on your forces, your previous experiences and that you will not give up.

Ask yourself, do you expect that high force will help you ?

If you expect granny with cookies in front of your door, you are wrong. Success never comes to lazy people. Maybe you will get some surprises, but happiness is not permanent and soon all what you get for granted will turn into big bill. If friend found job for you, he will ask you to return him favor. If you got luck in something, soon you will fail on other side…