509. Leave it with dignity

When two people falls in love, there is explosion. What makes situation confusing is level of their feelings. Person who falls first is in danger , because other person will have advantage. In the moment when you fall in love in someone, you give him power to play with your heart. What happens if your partner doesn't love you on equal way? What if he only wish to play with you, without serious feelings?
The worst advice you can hear is "flirt with others to show him that he is not only one." In this way , you will declare yourself as promiscuous, and he will chill out from you. He will also feel less responsible to hurt you, because you give your heart to others too.
If you ask reason why some women are promiscuous, the roots are in their past. Look at woman who is changing guys as socks, she feels pain inside, because, once upon a long time ago, someone broke her heart. 

How to recognize promiscuous lady with emotional scarves?
She is dating with more guys in the same time.

508. Virtual friend - Trojan horse or diamond

Do you have lot of friends? If you are popular person, probably everyone will call you on birthday, party or any kind of celebration , because you are necessary part of such events. Now, another question is: Do you have lot of virtual friends? Together with appearance of internet, friendship got new meaning. Virtual friendship is turn on, and people try to add more and more unknown persons, just to be popular in virtual space. So, you will see around girls in swimsuits , how they have lists of about 3000 "friends". 
Let's make an analysis of this kind of friends. Woman x has big Facebook list , because her photo is under avatar of some popular actress or she posted half naked photographs , to pull attention on herself.

Who are these people, and are they really friends?
50% of this list are people who never talked with her. They are collectors of numbers.
25% of this list are people who sent her messages because of her photos. They are searching for sex or flirt.
10% are collea…

507. Introvert - partner with cuffs

Did you ever feel that you need tool to open someone's mouth? Or, that you squeeze words from your partner, as he is not so fresh lemon? This kind of  person who lives in the center of own inner world is introvert.
No matter are you friend , lover or just a colleague with introvert, you will need key for his cuffs. You will break walls with cleaver, before any actions or deal with him.

What you must have on your mind, if you deal with introvert?
Silence is his main weapon. 
If person shut up, if you don't get reply or message or if he blocked your calls, this is his way of defense.
Introvert is cold blooded, or it looks like.
If he cries, he do it inside of him. You will not get scenes as breaking glasses or yelling. Dead silence will burn you.
Introvert is leader of quiet elimination.
He will not say loud what is bothering him. He will show you with look in his eyes and without greetings.
Introvert is selective person.
He is not friend of everyone and he has abandoned friends. His grav…

506. Ring on fire - 4 forms of marriage crises

Marriage is holy connection with partner, insurance of your love. This person belongs too you and ring is symbol of dedication. What happens when this ring doesn't mean nothing and when signature on formal papers is just a formal letter, without worthiness?
Young croatian tennis player Donna Vekić recently became subject of gossips. Accord press, she is guilty for broken mariage . She is new girlfriend of Stanislas Wawrinka, 30 years old  swiss tenniss player. His marriage came to the end and now many blame young and pretty Donna, that she is the main causer of disaster.
Typicall opinion of moral policy is against woman in this triangle. Many will pull trigger on Donna, because she is 18 and she should not involve with married man. How many will blame Stanislas , who declared divorce from 10 year older wife? His explanation is, he wants to be free again.
Married men pass through crises.

It  happens on next ways:
He wants to go out with friends more often.
He wants space for himself.
He wo…

505. Girl for benefit - 6 signs which categorize you

You wish to meet guy who will rock your world, who will fight for you and change your life. Instead of this you got someone who just want to drag you into bed. 
How women jealousy begins? It is based on the fact that men categorize women. Men will , maybe unintentionally pick women for marriage and women for sex. If you are in second category, you have bad luck. 
So, your boyfriends are indeed friends for benefits? Are you target for fuck buddies?
Some women were born with discipline and self control. No matter are they raised in traditional , conservative family, or they are just like that by their character, that kind of women will have big advantage. They have walls, and men will be interested to break those walls. Woman who will not fall on sweet words on first sight, who will not accept invitation for bed immediately is for sure woman worthy of attempt. Other kind of women were born as passionate, but they learn with time how to make difference between real man and player. They were…

504. Apology - arrow in the middle

Did you ever had feeling that you apologize to someone even mistake was not yours? When we love , we are ready to say i am sorry even other side hurt us. Why should we do this, to take a blame for something what is other's fault?
You can't open heart by force, but you can do it with sweet words. Apology is cure for ego, and when you offer your hand, other side will feel an obligation. How to hurt someone who is ready to admit defeat and surrender in this fight?

Even it looks stupid, as sacrify of pride, meaning of apology is different. 

You can manipulate with word i am sorry, even you really don't mean this.
You can use an apology as invitation for duty. Next time you will ask person to make an apology to you.
You can show that you are person with tolerance and manners.
An apology is kind of cold weapon. When you hit this spot of condolence, person will be less careful. Then you can fight back.

Here is one example story.
Monica and Owen are in marriage for many years. Monica is s…

503. Madonna and swan song

Imagine how would you feel that you have chance to be young again, to start whole life from the beginning. If you are woman in middle ages, maybe you look at your pictures in album from youth and regret because you did not use your time properly. If you are rich and famous, maybe you wish to play God and act like young girl.  Time is cruel, and no matter how young soul you have, how much plastic surgeries you did and how much energy you feel, some things are under your power.
Madonna is the most successful female singer in history. Her albums are still popular, she is kind of authority for young people and many will agree that she is cool, even she has over 50. Her style, her songs and provocative videos as "Justify my love" or "Like a prayer", where she is dancing with black Jesus, all this stuffs made her popular . Madonna think as act as she is on the top of the world, so her affairs with guys who are double younger than her are just confirmation of her big ego.