522. Couples for example

Have you ever heard these words from your partner: "Look at them, they do everything together. Why you can't be like him/her?"  If your answer is yes, your partner failed in trap. Do we need to ask role models for own relation in other couples? Who are exemplary couples?
Norman and Elisa are married for a many years. He is 20 years older than she, and she is boss in that relation. She decide where to travel, what kind of furniture to buy for flat and how to educate their children. Her sister Martha admires to her, because she is in different kind of marriage. Martha's husband is stubborn, it is impossible to deal with him for housework and conflicts is necessary. Martha often says to him: "Why you can't be as Norman? He is perfect husband. " 
If you compare your partner with others, you are going on wrong path. Why to give him frustrations or tips to be someone else? He is different husband but you are also different wife. If you could see through others …

521. Friendzone - 5 signs that he wants more

"Be my friend" is often secret code for people who are shy to start relation. Friend zone keep them safe from disappointments and frustrations. After all, if your intentions will not work out, you will not wake up with cold shower. When unknown person sent you friend request with words "I wish we can talk", be sure that is not invitation for friendship. That is key for flirt, wrapped as friendly kindness. 
Straightforward approach is open way, but not many people have courage to do this. That is why friendship is word with many meanings, as parachute for people who wish to jump. 

Women have habit to get close with men who are protective and friendly. You can remember that you cried in arms of trustful friend, when jerk left you? At least you knew that you have someone you can lean on. It is very easy to fall in love in friend, especially if he is handsome and single. 

But, how will you know that he feels the same, before you decide to cross line of friendship?
He spent…

520. Chat room - why we share privacy with nicknames?

We wish to share some secrets with others, but lack of trust will stop us in the moment. Maybe we feel ashamed and insecure. Maybe we can't handle expression of other's faces when we say shocking story. Or, we afraid of boomerang effect, that all what we say can be used against us. 
In past times friends were gathering to share problems. We would drink coffee and talk about bad ex partners or hard exams. We were gossiping teachers and bosses. Material is now the same, but place for share moved on. We share our secrets in chat rooms.
Word "trust" has new dimension. That is not situation when you look someone familiar in the eyes. You can open camera, but you are looking in the eyes of strangers. Also you don't know who is that person, from where is coming from, what is her past. This sounds freaky, isn't it? If stranger asked you, before 10 years, to tell him story of your life, you would label him as idiot. Now, we are sharing our stories between strangers with…

519. Material for marriage

Compliments are cure for ego. Every person likes to be the best and especially better from competition. Women will wear best clothes and shoes to be noticed. Men will drive expensive cars to increase their odds. In this big race, the main question is, how to find material for marriage? 
How to recognize person who is worthy to spend the rest of our life with us?
If you are woman, you will relate with this situation. Saturday night, and you are going out in club with your friends. I will assume that you are single and pretty. If you are young, or if you look younger, your chances are better, for first impression. Let's see statistic. About 15-10 men will approach you to offer you drink. Half of them are jerks who just ask for fast sex. 
How to recognize their intentions?
Guy x will approach you to ask for dance. If you say yes, he will try to touch sensitive parts of your body, or ask for dark corners in the club. If you accept , he will try to kiss you in this corner or to take you in…

518. In and out of love

Love makes our judgement misty. If you have problems with breathing, your heart beats faster or your hands are shaking when you talk with certain person, you fall in love. Your secret crush has power to turn your world around.
Fall out of love makes our mind sober. We are sad and disappointed, but when fairy tale is over , we will get objectivity. It is feeling when you open your eyes and see things different.
Well, heart job here is not done. It is not so simply to fall out of love, even our story needs logical end.
When is recommended to fall out of love?
You get bored with your partner. 
Your love is taken. 
Your partner treat you as toy.
Your love is far away from you.
You are discarded, your partner doesn't love you.

The problem is  you fall in love when you don't know this, there is no awareness. This is spontaneous act and suddenly butterflies are in your stomach. Maybe this was your friend, you knew him a long time ago. Then he smiled to you, he saved you from troubles, he was …

517. Dog and whistle - are you enough selfish?

Did you ever find yourself in situation that others accuse you for selfishness? You cancelled deal with someone because something urgent happened and you could not come. You missed party because you had an important exam so you were studying. Your pet was sick and you could not go with friend to watch football match.  People will look situation different from you and it is not rarity that someone will call you selfish. "You think only about your needs, what about me?" That is something what you hear when someone ask your attention. But, key of happiness is indeed in selfishness. If we will always please to other wishes, when is our time? When we will do things for ourselves, which makes us happy ? 
Ask every person with ambitions, ask every successful man how much time he found for own plans. How much selfishness is created during life, and why he realized his dream?
Helen and Alice were good friends, from high school until college. Alice was party girl, and Helen was more nerd…

516. Crucified Tina - when internet rape people

Internet should be tool for connecting people who are far away. In many cases that is good way to talk with persons you will never meet in real life. But, when you open this secret box, you will find dark place with doors for revenge. You can be crucified on internet on many ways, and one of them is spreading porno video about you. If you are unknown person, probably that will not be so popular but it will stigmatize you. If you are celebrity, you are target for this deadly weapon.
Starting from Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, this kind of videos were popular toys to pull attention on main actors in this "movies." It was not harmful for all, so Kim made big business based on her video and probably nobody would be interested for The Kardashians without this little story. Croatian singer Severina claimed that someone stole video from her laptop and she rise big dust, but story was forgotten and she is popular singer now days. Shall we talk that mentioned girls…