674. Why couples should (not) hold hands?

Walking on the street with your partner and you don’t hold his hand. Some people will consider you as couple in the moment when they see you are holding hands. If he let your hands free, he is not interested. If you do this, you are not interested enough. That would be superficial conclusion about your privacy and intimacy. When i see couple hold hands together i will not assume everything about them. They could make impression about passionate love , but in private could be very opposite. Holding hands is gesture, kind of formality but not necessary sign that someone loves you or cherish you so much. I don’t hold hands with my husband on the street. If we stuck in crowd he will grab my hand not to lose me from sight. Meanwhile, our hands are free. Sometimes we made jokes about couples who are going slowly, hand by hand or if they walk on the street hugged as Siam’s twins. Isn’t that clumsy?
What this gesture should mean? He is mine. He will never leave me. Let all know that he is only mine…

673. Where friendship with benefits ends?

Two people never fall in love on equal way. You might start from the same position, but feelings will develop on different ways. One side will love less, other more. When this happens in relation called “friends with benefits”, things are getting harder. Although women usually ask how to keep friend with benefit and turn him into real boyfriend, situation could be opposite. Sometimes, friend with benefit wants to be your boyfriend but you don’t want this indeed. Sounds cruel? At the start of this relation you dealt that you meet only for sex and fun. With time, you will chill out or connect on higher level. When guy says to you that is over because he finds another woman or he got bored, you might think about him as cruel player , selfish egoist or playboy. What when woman said, there is no more fire and you can go? Cynthia met Brian at social network. She was business woman, single and she wanted something in the middle, not boyfriend, but neither relation for one night stand. She was h…

672. Are you able to look forward?

Every important decision is result of few steps. Thinking, acting and elimination of another options. When you bring decision, you gave up from other solution which was not necessary bad, but you simply chose your path. The question i ask myself is next : “How good i am in calculation? Am i able to look forward, to predict my results?” I am not psychic, also i am very emotional and hasty sometimes, my ways are spontaneous, but i like to lean on my intuition and my experience. My experiences are indeed my filters, and i use this to compare previous situations with my present problem , because it helps me to bring the best solution. In business, friendship and love we must lean on some signs, which shows us that something will not finish good. These are factors which show that we are not on good way: Another side is passive, we are the only who try to progress. Another side doesn’t want to give up from bad habits. Another side is not ready for change . When my husband asked me: “How did you kno…

671. Attitude on high heels

How many times i heard word about me : “You are bossy. ” This sentence came from people who don’t make difference between someone who give orders and someone who has attitude. Control freaks are people who want to have nose in everything and watch every step to check their partners. Bossy woman is the one who hold every corner in her house and doesn’t let husband to give another, different opinion. When someone is superficial and like to jump with conclusion, it doesn’t make difference. Corny men love to make excuses that some woman is nasty if she fights for her place under the sun. As woman with attitude, i don’t let certain things.
Man who yells on me and insult me is not welcome. Man who swears and try to humiliate me is also not welcome. Man who look at me as sex object is under my standards. Man who mocks me and try to make fool of me is also out of my standards. I love to make golden middle between cuckold and macho man, so my type is gentleman with attitude. This is kind of man who l…

670. Social phenomenon : why guys ask for nude photos?

When you meet guy in the club, he will ask you for phone number to invite you for next date, if he is interested. When you meet guy at internet, he has some other options and he could ask you “special” photo. This phenomenon started with appearance of social networks. Some guys discovered new treasure for pleasure, how to get free approach to female bodies. Someone will tell, they can go on porno sites to see naked bodies and watch videos, but somehow is more interesting to know normal woman and ask her for nude photos. When this crucial moment come? You will talk with handsome guy through messages. Day by day, you understand each other, exchange sweet words, he became someone you can’t spend day without. You talk about your life, wishes, plans, slowly he got your confidence. Some guys are really masters, and they will easy build ground for something more spicy. After some time passed, guy sent you his photo, in panties. Free minded guys will send you his pride, naked penis. And then ques…

669. How to chill him out?

Seducing is a skill for both genders. What is opposite from seductress is ice princess who is tired of wrong men in her life. She wish to know, how to chill them out and find right one? How to make space for man who can’t see her appearance because of many others who stand on her way? Now, you have good friend and he suddenly warm up for you. You wish that he stays in friend zone and not to lose him as friend. Such situations are risky, because rejection of love could mean end of contact in general. Look at some ways how to chill him out: Don’t encourage him when he wish to touch you on more intimate way. Don’t accept conversation about sex. Don’t accept his invitation to be alone in private places. Don’t share your private secrets with him. Never use him as shoulder for crying, when man you wish is not interested for you. Don’t sleep with him just to prove yourself that you are still attractive. If he sees you in ordinary clothes when he invites you to date with him, this will give him sign…

668. Enemy in your bed

Violence is not visible thing that we can say : This person is violent. There is no title on forehead about aggressive behavior. Man with muscles, bald head and tatoo is not representative person of violent behavior. If we could talk with beaten woman and ask her : “How could you be so blind and did not notice that your husband is violent” , we would be unfair. Violence can happen to everyone because everyone has bitch button. There is a difference between natural aggressive person and someone who is pushed over edge. Hasty man will get mad on every small sign of disrespect, he has no sense for jokes and it is dangerous to tease him. If you say him “you fool” even just to make him smile, he could hit you. Man who is pushed over edge needs more reasons to become violent. Man who is cheated by his wife could forget love toward her and start to hate her. He could feel enemy in his bed because that is not the person he used to think she is. Scarves and bruises are not only track of violence.…